5 Steps to Help Friend Stop Smoking Marijuana

By: Johnson Wick

People who are addicted to marijuana are basically drawn to the feeling of being always happy while under the influence of the drug. However, there are also other people who only smoke once or twice a week. Unlike habitual smokers, they do not consume too much marijuana but are still at risk of addiction.
If you are concern of someone because of their health and you want to stop them from smoking marijuana, listed below are five helpful steps that you may follow.
1. Do extensive research - Research on government websites and extract information about marijuana, including its nature, different effects in the body, and treatment for addiction. Government websites also provides helpful ideas, which may enlighten you on how to help your friend stop smoking marijuana.
2. Heart to heart talks - Tell your friend, face to face, how you feel about their drug use. Some marijuana users care less about the effects of drugs towards their own health, but they may be awakened if they know they are already hurting their love ones simply by using the drugs. Talking with your friend in personal is effective than simply writing a letter, texting, or calling them. It makes your friend feel that he or she is being taken seriously and given some importance.
3. Be a good listener –Spend some time together and open up to each other. Be a good listener to your friend by allowing him or her to vent. Your friend may be suffering for extreme frustration or severe depression. Let your friend know that you can be a shoulder to lean and that you are more helpful than the drug.
4. Be a good adviser – Regardless of your course or profession, you can be the best adviser to your friend. If you do not like your friend smoking, do not tolerate his or her habit. Give your friend some fresh ideas on how to relax or spend time without the use of marijuana. Do it in a nice way that he or she does not feel being forced to quit. Smokers cannot immediately quit marijuana in the instant moment you want to. It may take time, but be persistent and patient until your friend can finally grasp your brighter philosophies.
5. Have fun without drugs – There are a lot of ways that you can enjoy life, relax, or recover from stress even without smoking marijuana. For instance, take your friend to a vacation or join a camping activity together. Once your friend realizes that there are better things to do other than smoking marijuana, he or she may eventually stop his or her habit.
The Significance of friendship
Friends play an important role in every person’s life. There are friends that can become bad influence but there are also some who plays the role of an angel. Being a good friend does not necessarily mean that you have to be their advocate, even though you know that what they are doing is bad. Play the role of an angel by saving your friend from the bad effects of abusing marijuana. Thus, you are free to follow these ways and help your friend stop smoking weed.

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