5 Secrets Of Writing Catchy Titles

By: akanksha

Readers scroll down the search results until they find a title they like. Title excites readers to read the content. It is the first impression of the article. Statistics shows that 8 out of 10 people read only the titles and 2 out of 10 read the rest. These digits are enough to tell the power of writing catchy titles.
When used effectively, title and introduction can encourage reader to continue reading. 3 Things that catchy title promises are -
* Grasp reader's attention
* Give the user a reason to read the content
* Tell what the article is about
Perfect titles are those that contain helpful keywords for search engines as well as catchy enough to attract readers. Below are some secrets of writing catchy titles -
* Use punchy phrases - Punchy phrases like, "Some essential ways"," 5 easiest tips" etc excite the reader to read your article. A great headline can only communicate full message to the targeted audience. First take the main keyword and work on an irresistible title before you write the content of the article.
* Instructional Headlines - People love reading the articles that teaches them how to learn and improve about a topic. Offer them something of value that appeals to their interest. The aim of instructional headlines is to educate your readers.
* Ask a question - Asking question in a title is great way to catch your reader's attention and entice them to read what is below. Simply by creating an aura of mystery in your title, you are subtly forcing your reader's mind to ask question. Once the mind started questioning, it will try to seek for an answer too. This way you can lock in on their attention.
* Use short titles - People read article because they are intrigued by the title. To capture your audience's engagement in the article, make sure you use titles that are not too lengthy. An ideal rule is to keep your titles at 8 words or less.
* Problem and solution - Most reader's read articles to find solution to their problem. Another good way to get reader's attention is by proposing a problem and a solution. If you are claiming to tell solution for a problem, make sure you do. Develop a title that is truthful and accurate.
Writing catchy titles is a challenge in itself. A bad title for good article can result in great article without being read. By staying up-to date with recent online trends, you can create catchy titles that can help you drive huge traffic to your website. For the best content writer choose the best content writer India today with Niche Writers

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