5 Reasons to Leverage Silver Collectible Coins for Wealth Preservation and Income Generation

By: Jim Green

This article analyzes the top 5 reasons that collecting tangible assets makes sense today. We especially favor silver collectible coins or gold, due to the projected increasing value of precious metals. Just considering the potential value of the metals content alone makes this a sensible strategy. In addition we'll share several reasons why the Numis Network represents an outstanding opportunity for those seeking to navigate today's financial turbulence. So, why is collecting these assets a good idea?

1. Fiat Currencies - Today, the currency of every nation on the planet is a fiat currency, including our own US dollar, the peso, the yen, euros, etc. Most don't recall that Richard Nixon began this practice by removing the US dollar from the gold standard in 1971. Of course prices have risen dramatically since that decision, especially as the US spending has balooned mainly due to politicians pandering to constiuent "demands."
2. US Spending and Runaway Debt - The US Federal Reserve is in the unique position of being able to print money to meet its obligations. This would be called counterfeiting in any other setting. Raising the nation's "debt ceiling" may bring on some high political theater, but does anyone really believe the leadership is serious about the issue at all? As of the writing of this article, there is less than a month to financial Armageddon, when the US could default on all it's obligations.
3. Economic Opportunity - Although the world may not be facing another great depression, times of great financial upheaval have always represented times of great opportunity for those who are prepared. And if we are soon to be entering a period similar to the Great Depression, or worse, possession of valuable "hard assets" couldn't hurt.
4. Collectibles Performance - Although collectibles may not have always kept pace with the US stock market, and are illiquid by nature, numismatic coins are widely viewed as an excellent hedge against inflation. This is particularly true of gold and silver coins, with their inherent metals value. Who can turn on the television and not see an ad pertaining to precious metals coins recently? And though Numis Network specifically cannot be viewed as an investment opportunity, based on its ground rules, collections of gem state, rare numismatic coins may well prove to be one of the unsurpassed wealth preservation strategies at this time in history.
5. Sentimental Value For Future Generations - Even if you never redeem your collectable assets, your heirs will appreciate them, if only for sentimental value. Moreover, coins are cool. Your kids' kids will love you for it!

OK, so collecting assets can be advantageous to, if not a necessity for, your bottom line wealth. There are more than a few reasons to contemplate using the Numis Network as a possible vehicle. First, Numis Network is a unique a "first mover" opportunity in the mlm network marketing industry. It is also a great idea to purchase collectible coins regularly. Those familiar with the network marketing industry are very familiar with typical requirements for monthly purchase in order to remain "pay qualified."

With the Numis Network, the monthly "auto-ship" is just a monthly installment of its Silver Coin of the Month Club. We haven't met anyone who objects to having a pallet of valuable assets "left over" if/when they decide to move on to other ventures. It's a fact that we all collect something, so why not collect money while simultaneously establishing a profitable enterprise?

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