5 Reasons Why You Should Maintain and Change Your Air Filters

By: Stephen Castaneda

It is very essential that we breath clean and pure air. Impure Air mainly affects the body's respiratory as well as the cardiovascular system. It causes problems like difficulty in breathing, wheezing, coughing etc. Air filters perform the important task of purifying the air around us by separating the solid particles such as dust particles, pollen from it. Cars, buildings and facilities use air filters to make the air breathable and to protect the contents of the occupied buildings. To maintain the quality of the air, it is very necessary to change and maintain the air filters and it has many benefits.

AC functions more efficiently

The air filter should be free from any dust or dirt particles. If clogged they prevent the air from flowing freely and the air conditioner does not function properly. Air filters should be inspected every season to make sure they function smoothly and efficiently.

Pure and clean air at home

Polluted Air is a major concern in many households. There are many health problems associated with dirty air filters. The air inside the home becomes more polluted than the air outside. Particles like dust, pollen, bacteria, pet hair, smoke get trapped in the air filter and so the air flow is obstructed and so breathing in such a condition can be difficult and you might eventually end up feeling sick.

Poor Air ventilation can lead to high maintenance cost

There should be proper airflow so that they HVAC system does not get overheated. A clean filter makes sure there is unrestricted airflow through the system. If not well maintained or changed regularly, it puts a lot of pressure on the system as a result of which it stops functioning and breaks down. This leads to very high maintenance costs and sometimes even replacement which becomes an expensive affair. Air filters in cars should be changed regularly too. The function of the air filters in the car is to trap the dirt and the debris that can damage the internal parts of the car and help the engine run smoothly. In heavily polluted areas, the air filters will have to be changed very often.

Decrease in electricity bills

As dirty air filters restrict the air flow, there is a lot of load on the HVAC unit to maintain sufficient flow and push conditioned air through the air clogs. Because the unit is working overtime, it uses more electricity and so the utility bills increase dramatically. Regularly changing the air filters can reduce the energy consumption and save a lot of money.

Reduces carbon footprint

Home air filters should be changed at least twice a year. When they become blocked and clogged, they should be changed every three months. Clean air filters help the environment. They function efficiently using very less energy, keep the air cool and help reduce the carbon footprint.

Change and maintain your air filters regularly and ensure the well being of your family and pets and also contribute towards making a green environment.

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