5 Platinum AdvoCare Distributor Success Tips

By: Mark Gubuan

Tip #1 - Lead with Value

What this means is that you need to provide your customer with something useful up front. This person has turned to AdvoCare for a potential answer to a problem. Most likely it will be a health problem that has been nagging them.

If they lack energy, offer them some tips that they can implement right away that will help with their energy levels. Then, when they see that you're looking out for them and not just looking to make a buck, they'll be more open to seeing what AdvoCare Spark might do for their energy levels.

Tip #2 - Develop a Relationship

ASK QUESTIONS!! Ask them about their jobs, wife, husband, kids, really try to get to know them. Find out why they're looking for health products. Find out why they have low energy. Find out about that old soccer injury that makes their shoulder hurt every time the weather changes.

Really create a lasting and meaningful connection. These will all be keys to hitting emotional hot buttons that will allow you to close a sale. Take a note of what they're saying and write these down.

Tip #3 - Set a Follow up Appointment DURING the Current Appointment

Any time you don't make a sale, you must continue the conversation. Keep control of the conversation and make sure to set up an appointment while you're still meeting. Give them a choice between two dates and times and make them choose the one that works best.

If neither of them works, they'll suggest another time. Be flexible. Remember, you are working toward a result.

Tip #4 - Know Where You're Going

Every single interaction that you have with an AdvoCare customer or prospect should have a clear purpose. That purpose should be to sell them an AdvoCare product or to sign them up as an AdvoCare distributor.

Your in this business for PROFIT and you should have a business mindset. As an AdvoCare rep you must lead a customer through a series of preconceived steps that will lead to a result. This should be either a sign up or a sale, if not, then you need to work on creating more value. Perfect practice makes perfect. Keep your head up and try again.

Tip #5 - Personal Development is a Necessity

This last tip is the most important tip for you and your AdvoCare business. Why? Because if you think that any Joe Schmoe is going to just strike it rich because they paid an initiation fee and signed up their mom, you're living in a fantasy world.

It's imperative that you are consistently developing yourself and moving towards the point where you will sell AdvoCare products and sign up AdvoCare distributors AT WILL. Yes this can be done. I see people do this daily in other MLM companies.

The magic is YOU and how YOU APPLY what you've learned. APPLY these excruciatingly simple tips and your AdvoCare business will flourish.

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