5 New Puppy Tips - What Not to Do With Your New Friend

By: Jamison Rody

Getting to Know Your New Puppy

A new puppy is an adorable addition to your family. But be warned that you are also taking a big responsibility with your pet. It is said that dogs are our best friends, but if they are raised improperly, they can be a real nuisance. These new puppy tips should help make sure you are raising your new pet right.

Like human children, they need to be trained with good manners and right conduct. A puppy left without training can grow up into a juvenile delinquent canine. Training a dog is not at all hard. You don't need a pro, unless your pooch is a pure bred showdog. Simple training at home by the new owner is a must for any puppy.

A new puppy is not yet used to his new home and owners, that is why, if he should have a little 'accident' in the house, he should never be smacked or yelled at. Puppies that get spanked and screamed at every time he does something wrong will turn into insecure and frightened dogs.

1. Never reward your puppy with foods that are not good for him like junk foods, preserved meats and chocolates and candies. Dog kibbles and snacks are okay, or pieces of toasted bread.
2. Never spank; beat or kick your puppy should he make a mistake. Like human beings, dogs carry vivid memories of bad experiences and this can affect them mentally.
3. Never leave your pet alone for long periods of time at home. If you are always out because of work or some other work schedule, a dog may not be the right pet for you.
4. Don't scream and shout your puppy every time he makes mistake. At times, he will ignore your rantings. If you want to discipline him, use a stern and say the keyword once or twice. This is enough to let him know had made a mistake.
5. Refrain from punishing your pet unjustly. Never give out harsh or sadistic punishment. A good way to instill fear without damaging your dog's character is to use a wafer pistol. A squirt of cold water will dampen his desire to rummage through garbage, chew footwear or do anymore mischief. This technique also works well on cats.

You'll have to say the words like you really mean it, be strict and show him who the master is. It is said, that like children, puppies can sense if a grown-up really means what he is saying. Never be angry and then turn soft all of a sudden and go "Aww, isn't he cute, though?" If you do, he will know he can get away with mischief. Follow these new puppy tips and you and your pet will enjoy many happy years together.

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