5 Most Faced Data and List Problems in MS Excel and Their Solutions

By: Brooke M. Perry

We all would agree to the fact that Microsoft Excel is a one of the most used MS Office tool that is very helpful in the organization and management of even large chunk of data in a very convenient way. However, like any other tool, it is also not completely free of problems and technical issues might occur. While using Excel, we do come across several issues when we are pushed to seek the right resolution for the same. Data and list problems are perhaps the most common obstacles that hamper our working with Excel. Add-Ins is the solutions to these problems. These are the tools that are designed to make it easier to work with Excel. . You can either use the Microsoftís Office Add-Ins or download Add-Ins from various other relevant websites that offer Add-Ins for Microsoft Excel.

Listed below are some of the common problems and solution to those:

Problem 1: In an Excel sheet, when you maintain a huge data or list with hundreds or thousands of entries, you often face the problem of duplicate entries. Then, itís become a very troublesome job to scroll through the list of hundreds to find out the repeated data and to delete it manually. Itís very time consuming if you go doing it manually.

Solution: The right solution for this is to download Add-Ins which can work as a Duplicate Finder & Deleter. There are many websites from where you can download this kind of Add-Ins. Even, Microsoft Excel also offers its own Add-Ins for finding duplicates and deleting those. Once you run these in your workbook, it will instantly identify the duplicates in your database and will also delete those if you want it to do. Also, you will be allowed to review the found duplicates, so that you donít end up deleting some important data.

Problem 2: Sometimes, you may need to find duplicates in two lists of data, then what you should do?

Solution: To tackle this problem also, you can use duplicates finding and deleting Add-Ins, which can easily compare the entries in more than one list and point out the duplicates. As per your wish, you can color, mark, copy or delete the duplicates. Or you can use a data merging Add-In that can merge the data of two lists and automatically avoid the duplicate entries.

Problem 3: When you maintain address records in an Excel Sheet, you face problem like unnecessary leading zeros in the zip codes, or the address written in a merged format while you need the country name and state to be in different rows/columns. How to deal with such problems?

Solution: To resolve these kinds of issues, there are Add-Ins exclusively meant to function as Address Assistant. You can easily find these on the Internet and can download to use those. These are very effective Add-Ins that perform job like removing leading zeros, splitting the addresses into individual columns, so that you can have an organized and separate data entry for street address, city, state, and zip code, and others, without actually manually doing those.

Problem 4: When you maintain a data of thousands of names, address, and phone numbers in an Excel sheet, you require performing certain reparative tasks like changing the case of the entries, removing blanks, converting the text numbers to digits and lots more. What can help you out?

Solution: For this, you need to use a data cleaning and modifying Add-Ins. Those who work on Excel simply canít do without this Add-In, which is a very helpful tool that eliminates the need of manually cleaning or modifying the data. It allows you to create your own edit rules based on which you can modify your data as par the requirement. Microsoft Excel also has its own data modifying and cleaning Add-Ins.

Problem 5: You usually prefer to keep your workbooks password protected and especially those that contain very personal or confidential data. But, it may happen that you forget the passwords, which refrains you from accessing the protected data. How to recover the lost passwords to Excel sheet?

Solution: Microsoft Excel offers Add-Ins for recovering the lost password for the password protected Microsoft Excel files/workbooks. This is indeed a great tool that ensures the safety of the data, even when you remember the password and even when you forget the password.

Many websites are there that are offering paid or free downloading of Add-Ins for various listing and data management problems of an Excel workbook. As mentioned above, even in the Microsoft official www.office-addins website you can find Add-Ins for Microsoft Excel. Start using these and be faster and smarter with Microsoft Excel.

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