5 Most Common Myths about Hair Loss

By: Eric Rhein

Hair has probably the most myths surrounding it. The prime reason for this is that folks today are more concerned about their hair than they are about themselves, and that makes the rumors even more alarming since absurd suggestions might even damage you hair. Here I'll list the most common ones in the trade.

If I shave my hair off on a regular basis, it will grow back much thicker: Every person in his lifetime might have come across this weird suggestion. Getting frequent haircuts doesn't necessarily make your hair more voluminous. Even if you keep them unattended for years on end, they will keep growing at the same rate and from the same pores. Hair grows on an average rate of about half an inch per month.

Hair loss is usually inherited from the Mother's side: The inheritance of common baldness is mostly through autosomal chromosomes. It doesn't necessarily emerge from the mother's side of the family. It may come from either parent. If you carefully examine the balding patterns of among your relatives, there is as much chance that your paternal uncle might be bald as there is that of your maternal uncle.

Wearing a hat triggers baldness: Another weird myth, but apparently sensible. The ones who have spread this rumor are under the impression that the hair follicles receive their share of oxygen from the outer air, and a hat prevents this from happening. The fact is that the bloodstream provides the much needed oxygen to the follicles, so there is no chance of you suffocating your hair with a hat. But a tight-fitting hat may cause thinning around the sides of the head where constant traction is applied to the hair.

A decrease in the flow of blood causes hair loss: Hair loss is not caused due to decreased blood flow, but the amount of blood flowing to your head after balding decreases since you simply don't need any then. You might have heard your acquaintances suggesting you to stand on your head to increase the blood flow and cease hair fall. This posture might be effective for yogic health; it certainly isn't even remotely connected with hair loss. Your hair requires a limited amount of blood to gain oxygen, and no matter your blood count, it will get enough oxygen.

I use a shampoo regularly, the reason why my hair is depleting: One of the most popular myths regarding hair loss. Get this drilled in your head once and for all, shampoo has got nothing to do with hair loss. This myth saw the light of the day simply by coincidental observation. Some guy observed some hair falling out after using some shampoo for some days. That guy then propounded some weird theory to connect the shampoo with hair loss, which incidentally is popular even today. Your hair will fall off when it is destined to do so. It is hereditary, unless of course you don't tend to your hair for days on end.

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