5 Keys to Better Rest

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Insomnia, which affects millions of people, is a condition that prevents people from falling asleep or only lets them nap for short periods of time.. Since sleep researchers point to inadequate sleep as a leading contributing factor to most major illnesses, it’s obvious that it’s not just a good idea but imperative to slumber well. Fortunately, those same sleep medical professionals have also revealed the conditions that determine our quality of sleep. Simple lifestyle adjustments can pay big dividentd when it comes to catching your zzz's.. B are 5 things to do before you even think about asking your doctor for a sleeping aid or buying one over the counter.

1. Invest in good bedding. Getting a enjoyable night’s rest may be as straightforward as purchasing a new mattress. Due to the plush support and unique feature of contouring every curve of the body, many people find memory foam mattresses allow them to fully relax at night. Treat yourself in the very best bedding you can afford, too. Sheets with the highest thread count are velvety and luxurious, and your blankets and comforters should provide the same feeling. Some mattress companies give away free sheets or comforters with thepurchase of a new mattress, but these are typically of a cheaper quality as they are a free add-on for buying the mattress. If you want quality, you most likely will have to pay for it..

2. Put your body on a schedule. Going to bed and waking up at a set time everyday (yes, even on weekends) puts your body on a regimented resting pattern. Before you know it, it will “anticipate” to go to sleep at a set time, and you possibly will not even need an alarm clock to get up for work. (You’ll find that your day starts out much better when you wake naturally rather than being jarred awake by an alarm.)

3. Create a cozy sleeping environment. Your bedroom should be quiet and dark. Even the slightest bit of sound or light-such as your friendly alarm clock or a small night light-can interrupt sleep, even though the person sleeping may not be conscious of it. Do what you have to: A sleep mask and room darkening blinds will screen out the brightness; earplugs and “soothing environmental sounds” like a rotating fan can help with interfering noises. Seventy degrees is the optimal sleeping temperature. Make sure you don’t go above 75 or below 54.

4. Loosen up. Stress is a real sleep killer. Look for ways to relax before bedtime. Read something that is not too heavy, meditate, do some mellow stretches, or take a warm bath.

5. Watch caffeine intake. Caffeine remains in your body longer than you might think-up to eight hours. For a good night's sleep, you should stop caffeine intake at least six hours prior to bedtime. Remember that cola drinks, tea, and chocolate all contain enough caffine to interfere with your sleep.

Nearly all of people who have followed these suggestions vastly improved their sleep quality which in turn provides a refreshed body and clear mind in the morning. Try them out four yourself and see how much better you can feel.

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