5 Key Benefits of Hiring a Beta Tester for Your Products and Services

By: Chris Robertson

As the owner of a company, you might be fretting over the release of brand new products and services, unsure of their success or failure. Offering new items for the first time can be stressful because you really don't know how consumers will respond to your products. The features, pricing and quality of your products along with a number of other factors can affect how well your products and services fare in the market place. A beta tester can help remove some of the guest work. What is a beta tester? This is someone either hired by the company or offered a free product or service to test it out. The beta tester may or may not be a potential customer, but is usually someone who is at least familiar with or interested in the particular products or services.

Let's explore five key benefits of using a beta tester before taking that final step of releasing all your products to the market place.

1. Get Valuable Feedback

Beta testers can give you the feedback needed to determine if your product or service is marketable to the general public. Imagine creating a new video game without being able to test how players respond or how smoothly it plays through the levels. The game might be a winner, but it could also be a flop! You won't know unless you either test it using a beta tester or release it to game stores and other retail outlets. With video game testers, you can see how smoothly the game operates and what type of audience it appeals to the most. Your beta testers can provide feedback, suggest improvements, and let you know of any bugs found while playing the game.

2. Test Your Presentations

Beta testers might also provide valuable insight to the effectiveness of ad campaigns, sales letters and Web presentations. Imagine several groups of website testers visiting three possible versions of your company's new website. The testers offer feedback on each site design and presentation, giving you critical information about the effectiveness of your site. Then you can select the site design that seems to pull the most positive response. Website testers can observe the headlines, sales writing, page navigation, links, product layout, and purchase options.

3. Reduce Risk of Loss

When you beta test your products and services before they hit the market, you will be able to reduce your risk of loss in sales. An appropriate beta test can help determine if your product will be a seller or not. If not, you'll have an opportunity to make changes and try again before marketing it to thousands of potential customers. This increases your chances of success and greatly reduces financial risks.

4. Improve Quality

Beta testers often give feedback that can help you improve the quality of your products before or even after the initial release. Software testers, for instance, can offer tips on how to make your programs work more efficiently. They can also suggest additions that would add value to the software, such as bonus features used to sell the product.

5. Narrow Your Target Market

By conducting a beta test, you can narrow your target market for future promotional campaigns. Sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint a target market right away. There could be groups of people that are ignored completely during your initial sales campaigns, which are actually your most likely customers. You can find beta testers from all walks of life to help you discover a broader audience for your products.

How to Find Beta Testers

If you feel that beta testing will benefit your company, check online resources to find testers. Advertise through free classifieds with headlines such as "beta testers needed," "easy jobs for beta testers," or something similar. Look for websites that are dedicated to testing for help getting started. To find services such as these, search online using key phrases such as "where to find beta testers." These services may offer a profile for each beta tester and a rating based on testing projects they've completed in the past with other companies.

You'll soon realize that your company can't afford to dive into a campaign with both feet before adequately testing your products and services.

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