5 Important facts about a certified car

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A certified used car is now preferred by many due to its benefits. The main reason behind it s that a certified used car comes with a comprehensive coverage that goes much beyond the scope of what a car dealer can offer you. A certified used car can be considered as that car which has been meticulously examined and has been found to be so good in condition that they have received an extended warranty. It is the car manufacturer who comes out with his own point system in order to evaluate whether or not the car can be treated s certified. The 5 important facts regarding certified used car are as follows:

6) Evaluation of the used car :

A certified program involves a process whereby the dealer evaluates the condition of a used car which has been returned at the end of the lease. The evaluation takes place in order to find out whether or not the used car can be considered certified. However, it is important to know that different car manufacturer have their own point system. It varies from company to company.

7) Factors for evaluation :

The evaluation process containing point system depends upon things like the age of the car, which cannot pass the certification test if the car is more than five years old. The certification also takes place based on mileage and previous ownership of the car.

8) Costing process :

The dealer will evaluate whether the cost of repairs are worth enough to get the vehicle on the certified list. If not, the car will fail the certification test.

9) A certified used car uses a label of identification :

A certified used car has a sticker which is placed on the window in order to state that the car has passed the necessary strict guidelines for becoming certified used.

10) You can decide whether the car is right for you:

A certified used car gives you 3 days or 3000 miles to determine whether the car is the right one for you. During this period, if you don’t like the car, you can always return the car to the dealer and pick a better one for yourself.
One of the best options towards car purchase is to check into certified used car. There are many types of certifications. Most of the manufacturers come are equipped with their own point system. One should never buy a car just on the bases of an advertisement which says “certified”. You need to find out what program the car has been certified by.
A certificate used car can provide you long-term warranty with low cost provision. You can save many dollars on your vehicle on a yearly basis. However, when you are looking out for a used car, ensure that you are able to find a local dealer that has an extensive collection of genuine certified used cars.

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Smith Freeman is a freelance writer who writes about the used car, If you buy used car with a zero discount, the chances are that you may land up getting a used car that is more expensive than the actual worth of it.

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