5 Hobbies That Make Popular Mens Gifts

By: JackieTurner

According to Wikipedia, a hobby is simply a “regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one's leisure time.” What one does for work, another may just do as a pastime because he enjoys it.

When considering what makes popular mens gifts, don't just consider what is the hottest selling gadget out there, but consider your man's interests and hobbies. What does he love doing when he gets home from work in the evenings? What interests fill his Saturdays? What hobby does he always dream of doing that you could help begin for him?

Here is a sample list of just a few categories of hobbies that may fuel those creative juices to consider how you could encourage your man in some of the things he loves.

1. Creative Hobbies

Those who are tactile learners will often pick up hobbies that relate to doing something with their hands. They experience by doing, and therefore love creating, whether it be painting, assembling model cars or rockets, or building a shed in the backyard. Other creative hobbies include (but certainly are not limited to!) photography, videography, cartooning, blogging, jigsaw puzzling, and writing. Consider these interests when discovering mens gifts that will make his day. Does he need new art supplies, building tools, writing supplies such as notebooks or a fancy pen, a new camera, or some new software for his computer?

2. Reading

While the modern era may not find books so fascinating as in years past, many still prefer the feel of a well-worn book in their hands than reading the latest e-book. Consider getting a book by his favourite author. Or why not take him to a book-signing of that author's latest book? He may like a new reading lamp or put together a “comfort package” to make the reading experience more enjoyable – include slippers, a book lamp, a new book, a few snacks to munch on, and his favourite hot drink.

3. Sports

When we think of sports we automatically think of sports such as soccer and football. When it comes to hobbies however, other popular sports include fishing, hang gliding, surfing, parasailing, hiking, snorkling, anything to do with cars, dirt biking, and excercising. Gym memberships, new running shoes, booking a diving lesson for two, hiring a boat and spending a day water skiing, a new water bottle holder or fishing vest – these all translate his hobby into great mens gifts.

4. Collections

No, we don't just mean bug collecting. Has he had a shoebox full of stamps in the attic for years that he keeps talking about how he'd like to get into an album? Give him the prompting he needs and purchase a quality stamp album for him along with a package of exotic stamps. Make sure he has the tweezers, paper towel, and magnifying glass that make up a stamp kit. There's also coin collecting – get him some new coins for his collection from some country he's always wished he could travel to. Does he collect model cars? Or a movie collection? What about memorabilia from the latest TV series? Collecting is such a broad topic, and chances are he's already got a collection of something and would love some additions to it!

5. Observation

Bird watching, rock collecting, astronomy, and travel are all great hobbies. Get a coffee table book of brilliant coloured birds – ones he has seen and ones he would dream of finding. Book a night with him to go camping in some uninhabited place and watch the stars with him. If he loves travelling, buy him a new bag, document holder, or buy tickets for a tour he might otherwise not be able to do at his next location.

In this list we have hardly scratched the surface of possibilities for mens gifts. In my many other articles I've spoken of other interests to consider when choosing gifts for men and that is still simply scratching the surface. You know your man best, so consider what would bring him the greatest delight on his day off. What activities, kits, vouchers, or tools would help him pursue his hobbies?

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Jackie Turner works for His Gifts, a mens gifts shop in Melbourne, Australia. Her area of specialization has been to search out popular mens gifts and pass these tips and ideas onto consumers.

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