5 Great Tips for Budgeting

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Budgeting is a valuable process whether business is up or down. Effective budgeting is important for any kind of business in good times and bad. A positive aspect of a bad market is that you can learn some savvy survival skills and budget like a pro.

Always set goals
Realize that financial budgeting helps you to set goals and measure your progress. Think of budgeting as a sort of strategic plan for your financials. It can also be a great financial map helping guide your success.

When things start to slip financially, always look at your projected budget as your home base. It’s the place where you should be financially. Things to look at in this area are sales, spending, marketing, customer feedback and more.

Whatever business you’re in—a leader in pet food sales, a top-rated healthcare agency or a small bakery with a local following—today your financial health has never been more important. Setting goals is a must for any size company, from a large conglomerate to a one-person business.

Measure your progress
Financial budgeting should be an ongoing process. Many times, those with the best of intensions leave this important document sitting on a shelf. Companies need to look at their projections and try and meet their goals. It should be part of your monthly tasks and a way to constantly measure progress.

If you discover areas where you are continually falling short, then you can go ahead and make responsible changes based on hard data.

Create room for marketing in your budget
Many companies tend to cut marketing and advertising costs during difficult times. While some of this cannot be avoided, you should not completely eliminate it. Consider a little public relations—some of it’s free.

There are many things you can do to increase your marketing and store traffic, and it doesn’t have to be through direct advertising. Even if you cannot hire a PR executive, you can still reach out to the media yourself.

Send out a press release about a new product or service you have. Target the local newspapers, community websites and television stations in your area. You never know who might pick up your story and what kind of coverage you’ll get.

Do you need a toll free number?
While standard advertising and marketing is wonderful, it can be quite expensive. An effective toll free number can help you stand out. Especially when planning your financial budget, a toll free number makes great sense.

You always need an easy and reliable way for customers to contact you. Make room for an 800 number in your budget.

Especially during financial uncertainty, many businesses have to downsize and move their offices or production facilities. When you have a vanity, 877, or other 800 number in place, there’s no concern about having to change numbers when you relocate.

Cut corners the right way
Simply put, streamline but don’t get rid of important services that you really need when devising a budget. Take a long hard look at your business and what it really needs. Create a spreadsheet including the most important aspects about your company. Let’s say customer satisfaction comes up high, you will definitely need a reliable way to communicate with the public.

Whether it’s placing orders, guiding them through technical questions, or some other area, you must still perform these tasks even within a tighter budget. If customer service is important, be sure and find ways to improve in this area even with less manpower. So don’t necessarily cut, but rather redirect your focus. Try and do what you can on a smaller scale.

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