5 Fantastic Money Saving Tricks For To Use For Buying Cheap Stuff For Barbeque and Picnic Needs

By: Alexandra Vrugt

With the barbeque season quickly approaching, during this economy crisis, people want to be able to buy for cheap just about everything that they need and want for having fun and for taking care of their families. Try these 5 great tips that help frugal fashionistas to buy for cheap and still make the most out of their barbeques and picnics:
Always use the simplest, most frugal recipes when having a picnic or barbeque. You will enjoy saving, cost-cutting just by keeping the food basic. Check different websites and make sure to ask around for real crowd pleasing, yet frugal recipes. If a recipe calls for expensive cuts of meat or fixings, just substitute with low-cost stuff instead of the more expensive bits.
Also, take advantage of BYOF or Bring Your Own Food opportunities. Your guest may have recipes that they would like to share and by encouraging them to bring them along, you could save lots of money on costly food!
2. When it comes to the barbeque sauce that you should buy, cheapest is best for buying in bulk. Most brands of barbeque sauce that are found in supermarkets will go on sale at different points during the year. When they do, that is the time to stock up. A large bottle of barbeque sauce can cost upwards of $7. But, when you catch the sales, you can usually get barbeque sauce for less than half price. Then, if you use coupons, you can get your sauce for free or very close to free! When deals like this abound, then you should bulk up for the barbeque season. There's no way to buy for cheaper than free!
Don't pay tons of money for paper products. A frugal fashionista will always buy for cheap the things that they need from discount retailers and thrift stores whenever possible. Themed events can sometimes cost a lot to pull off, but you can potentially buy an expensive item or two from a party supply store. But don't overbuy from there.
To fill in, frugal fashionistas can mix and match with cheaper dollar store items such as napkins, colored forks, and simple decorations. Plus, make an effort to check the clearance section for even more chances to buy for cheap.
4. Plan in advance to buy for cheap the meats that you need when they are marked down. Supermarkets almost always have meats that are near to expiring that they must get rid of. They discount those meats so that people can save as much as 60% off of the regular price. The "marked down" meats could range from top quality steaks to lamb and chicken. Buy them when they are at their cheapest, marked down prices, freeze them, and enjoy when you are ready!
Coupons are the same as cash for a frugal fashionista. Always clip them and hold on to them for when those items that you need go on sale. You could potentially buy for cheap or get for free those additional barbeque fixings that you will need such as rolls, condiments, packaged salads or vegetables, and of course, the pickle products! Using a few coupons could save you more than a few dollars and could give your barbeque budget a big boost!

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