5 Essential Tips In Finding A Good Forex Trading System

By: Amuro Wesley

As an entrepreneur, you should learn to make money by yourself and not simply rely on otherís efforts. Whether you have a mentor or business partner, you should still take the initiative to do what is necessary. The same applies to Forex trading and here are 10 essential tips for you in finding a good trading sytem.

1. As Simple As Possible

Firstly, your trading system must be as simple as possible. Not just for you to understand but to be able to apply the basics and fundamentals daily. That includes some essential guidelines that you will definitely be learning from Forex education.

This will be your core foundation system. If you get this wrong, you can forget doing everything else.

2. Long Term Trends

Secondly, always be on the lookout for the long term trends every week.

Upon identifying them, shift your attention to daily charts and time entry. These 2 will help you in analysing market trends efficiently and quickly.

3. Breakout Method

Thirdly, apply this method to foreign currencies.

Watch for any break on your chart. This will be commonly confirmed by stochastic crossed with bearish divergence and your great timing tool whether you will decide to enter any transactions or not.

4. Time Management

Like everything else, time is absolutely critical in successful Forex trading.

You need to design an efficient time management system which allows you to generate profits and minimize losses within the shortest time possible.

But for it to work, you need to make it as simple as possible since you are going to integrate it with the trading system and work on them everyday.

5. Software Or Web-Based Trading Application

If you are going to do everything manually or even hire a broker to do for you, it is either going to cost you time and energy or money.

Moreover you do not know whether the broker is trustworthy as he or she also wants to make money out of you via brokeage fees.

With todayís technology in downloadable software and web-based applications that you can get on PCs, ipads and iphones, you no longer need to do either of those traditional stuff.

If you have software or applications that can track your trading movements, generate profit and loss profits and recommend daily courses of action, that will be a lot easier as all the hard work is done for you.

Though these may cost a lot more than brokeage fees, it is way faster and easier on long-term.

Truth is there are numerous Forex systems out there with the trainers claiming theirs to be the best. Choosing the right or wrong can either grow or ruin your trading portfolio.

Unfortunately this is where many new Forex traders with no basic foundation hit the brickwall. They spend thousands on courses after courses only to find out what they learnt is just rehashed and repackaged basic crap that they can find online and in bookstores.

Like everything else, you need 2 essential things to succeed. The right system and right mentor. Without which, you can still fail even with years of knowledge but no proven system in place. Once you got the proven system, you still need to take the initiative and discipline in following it to completion for every trade you made.

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