5 Big Reasons to be concerned about Cat Urinary Tract Health

By: Einar

Are you frustrated with a cat that seems to be going potty everywhere but the litter box? Does it seem like all of your spare time is spent cleaning stains out of the carpet or furniture, not to mention doing extra loads of laundry? Even more importantly, do you have a love/hate relationship with your pet? Then, you need to hear 5 big reasons to be concerned about cat urinary tract health.

I used to think urinary tract infection in cats was largely a female problem. In fact, the opposite is true. Because their urethra is so small, males have a greater tendency to have urinary ailments, including blockages. So, it is important to visit a vet, if your beloved pet shows any sign of having an elimination problem.

In the meantime, here or the 5 reasons to be concerned about cat urinary tract health:

The problem will NOT go away on its own
You kitty will be in pain
Behavioral issues can follow
Drastic steps may be necessary
Could indicate a more serious problem

If you suspect the presence of an infection or other elimination problem, do not delay in seeing a vet. Should you be correct, the problem will only get worse the longer you put it off. In addition, your furry friend cannot tell you if he or she is in a lot of pain. Chances are your kitty will be constantly licking around the opening, as the only available means to relieve some of the pain. Thus, cat urinary tract health can be more than a big nuisance and should not be taken lightly.

Like their human counterparts, urinary tract infections in cats are quite common. In addition, felines who have suffered from the malady once before are probably prone to have a reoccurrence in the future. However, the worst part is the behavioral issues that may follow, even after the infection has been cured. Unfortunately, since the litter box is now associated with pain, your kitty may still prefer to go potty elsewhere.

Unless your pet can be taught to go back to the litter box, he or she may have a bigger problem than questionable cat urinary tract health. In order not to risk the health of your family, drastic steps may be necessary. Your kitty may have to be taken to the pound, adopted by someone who has the patience and skill to retrain the feline, or be put to sleep.

This year, a family pet had to be put down. Elderly, he is taken to the vet to rule out health issues, when he suddenly neglects to use the litter. Instead, he goes outside the box or wherever it suits him. The trick of laying tin foil in the inappropriate urinary choices did not work. Neither did any of the other methods the vet advised to correct the problem. Knowing his age, suspecting it might indicate a more serious cat urinary tract health issue, and worried it is an indicator of behavioral issues, a humane and tearful choice is made.

In conclusion, cat urinary tract health is nothing to ignore until it goes away. Without his or her guardian to help, your kitty could suffer much pain before you decide to seek a vet. Unfortunately, they do not cry or have a way of telling you when it hurts. Therefore, if your beloved pet starts to show signs of not eliminating properly, too often, or in unacceptable places, get help as soon as possible.

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