5 Awesome Tricks to Lose Weight Even On a Tight Schedule

By: Axel Nolan

Obesity is becoming a growing concern for most of the world's population. Almost everybody is cribbing about the extra pounds getting accumulated. It is attacking people of all age groups. If not obese, I am sure we can still notice a small paunch hanging out of everybody's stomach nowadays. Fast food, irregular eating habits, no exercise and lack of sleep are some of the many causes leading to this paunch, which takes up different dimensions eventually. Time is of the essence here, we are buried up till our noses with things to do in order to shape our future, but we what we often forget in the rush to design our future is that we have a present to live too. Our health is definitely suffering big time because of our ignorance or rather negligence. Here are a few smart tricks to help you stay in shape without breaking your tight schedule.

Eat breakfast

Most of us skip breakfast in the rush to reach office early to finish pending work. What we forget is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it does make space for junk food which would make your way to sate your hunger later in the day.

Avoid eating outside

When you skip breakfast, you start your day with an empty stomach. As we all know, it gets difficult to do anything on an empty stomach; you run to grab a quick snack. Of course, you won't get home made food anywhere near you, you settle down for fast food which is a slow killer and contributes regularly to the overall stored fat.

Eat on time

The fast food you eat consists of flavour enhancing chemicals which give you a fuller feeling as compared to anything cooked at home. This feeling prevents you from having lunch at the proper time, and you end up delaying all your meals subsequently. Eating at the proper time is as important as eating the right kind of food.

Go cycling

We all rode bicycles as kids. They will be a great tool in cutting down your extra fat today too. You don't need to ride it for long; 15-20 minutes devoted daily to cycling will help you realize the difference in the size of your tummy. Moreover, your hips and other body muscles will also get toned. You can in fact tone your entire body with this small exercise.

Sleep well

You would agree that all of us compromise on our sleeping time during the weekdays when the work or study pressure is too much, and try to participate in sleep marathons during weekends in order to compensate. However, things don't work out as planned always. Irregular sleeping time and sleeping for less number of hours, both play a dominant role in the growing size of your body. Not only that, your entire body mechanism starts to work haphazardly. It takes years to bring your body to follow a healthy routine; try not to deviate from the natural routine we all are endowed with.

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