5 Awesome Features You Are Likely to see in 2020's Cars

By: Quentin Gallagher

If you are an auto junkie with a keen interest in cars, this one is for you. From three-wheeler "cycle cars" of the 40's and convertibles of the 80's to compact sports cars of 20th century, the world of automobiles has come a long way now. Wondering what the future of automotives has in store for you? Let us give you an insight. Here are 7 awesome features you are likely to see in 2020's cars.

Better Safety Features

While it is debatable whether or not the future cars will drive on their own, what we will have is advanced safety features that will make you a better driver.

Your car will make your safety its priority. In emergency situations, you can rely on your car to steer you to safety. For example, if you lose consciousness or suffer cardiac arrest while on the road, the car will detect it and place a call to 911. It will flip on the emergency flashers, monitor the surrounding traffic through sensors and drive you to safety by the side of the road, until further help can reach.

Car Batteries Will Be Charged Wirelessly

Electric cars will dominate the future. With plug-in options, vehicles will need to recharge their batteries in an easy manner? And what better way to do so than with "inductive" charging. We are already using the technology to charge our handheld devices such as iPods and cell phones on the go. It only makes sense to use it on a bigger scale. There will come a time when charging your car batteries will be as simple as parking your car on the mat embedded with an electromagnetic field.


This is probably the best thing on the list. Your car will be a rolling hotspot. Without Wi-Fi, our 2020's car will not be as futuristic as we hope it to be. Connected cars will work pretty much the same way as smartphones or tablets do. Not only will you be able to connect to other cars on the road, but also sync your car to your home network. Transferring data from your computer or laptop directly to your car will be a piece of cake.

Financial GPS

Ever imagined a time when your car will be debited instead of your visa? The future cars will do exactly that. When future cars will be communicating with computers, cars and humans, why not banks too? The cars will have something called "financial GPS", which will make all the transactions for you. From paying for parking, insurance to even car repair, you will receive one single bill for all your car expenses. And what about your electronic signature, you ask? Your navigational system will convert into a signature pad, where your finger prints or eye scan will work as your signature.

Airbags Will Be Virtually Everywhere

Just when you thought future cars could not get any safer, here comes the inflatable seat belt. The idea is to spread the force experienced during a collision, helping you stay in place during an accident.

There are a lot more innovative features to be explored that will blow your mind.

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From three-wheeler "cycle cars" of the 40's and convertibles of the 80's to compact sports cars of 20th century, the world of automobiles has come a long way now. Irrespective of what model car you use, it requires good batteries to run smoothly. If quality car batteries are what you are looking for, then click on this link.

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