5 Absolute Skills You will Need to

By: Lina Stakauskaite

Very few are born to sell but this does not mean you can't learn and be just as successful, if not more successful than those with natural skills of persuasion. As a matter of fact, with the Internet, the skills of persuasion and sales have become more easily attainable. No matter what your product is, selling online has made your potential income expand tenfold. About 61% of all sales and marketing professionals in the United States have added social media platforms to their agenda. Ninety percent are using Facebook, 53% have a Twitter account, and 47% are on Instagram. Among these sellers, 67% say that they get more leads from their Internet activities and profiles than from traditional methods of selling like ads on papers and brochures.

The 5 skills that you will need to work on to be successful online seller are:

Communication Skills

To sell a product, you need to reach out and talk to people. They need to understand what you are selling, why they should buy the product, and why they should come back to you for more. With good communication skills, you become engaging, able to educate, and likely to build relationships that will encourage loyalty.

A few ways you can learn how to communicate better is by taking classes, joining a professional group, reading, and even traveling or browsing and chatting to others on the Internet.

Organizational Skills

You cannot be late for appointments, miss deadlines, forget to answer emails, address product and service issues, and generally look messy when marketing and selling your product. This isn't just about your personal image as a seller but also with how you conduct yourself online. Do you know the right people to connect with? Have you organized your online network? Do you have an online profile? Are you constantly rushing to finish things on your daily planner or are you always one step ahead? Every time you appear flustered, confused or rushed, you send out a message that you are disorganized and buyers will start to think twice about trusting you with their planned purchase.

Managerial Skills

These tie in with being organized and easy to communicate with. You need to develop your managerial skills because eventually you will need to step up to the next level and effectively assign people to do things for you for a commission or pay. A successful online seller will always have an assistant whether it is a secretary, clerk, accountant, or even a spouse to help him work through his day properly.

This means developing skills in delegating, encouraging, supervision, focus, and decision-making. You can learn this while on the job and also by reading and finding a mentor.

Motivation Skills

Every online seller will go through his downtimes and it often will require self-motivation to shake it off and move forward. It isn't hard to motivate yourself positively if you enjoy your career and you believe in the product you are selling. Moreover, you can find motivation in helping the buyer find what he needs. If you can see yourself as the "bringer of good tidings" like finding the right affiliate product or customizing a product so it suits his needs, you'll find tremendous satisfaction in your work and the downtimes will be minimal and easy to overcome.

Finally, Be A Problem Solver

Every buyer is faced with a problem. It's a problem that can easily be solved because the buyer has money so it's a matter of finding the right match. If you can be that person who can assist a buyer with this problem, you will be a top seller in your field.

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