4 ways to quit smoking

By: Michael Russell

The first step towards quitting smoking is to prepare a list of those things that compel you to smoke. Smokers must also prepare a list of the side effects which can be caused by smoking. Smokers should write every kind of bad effect which the cigarette causes on their family and friends. Smokers can also ask their family members what they don't like about their smoking habit. Smokers can make up mind to quit the smoking once they get to know that the negative effects of a cigarette are much larger than the positive effects. Men can ask their wife, if smoking is creating a bad impression on their children.

In the second step, smokers should prepare a second list in which they should write up the reasons of why quitting smoking is toughest for them. Smokers should also write up practical alternatives to overpower the challenges while quitting smoking. For example, smokers can write up that they feel relieved of tension after smoking. The option for this reason can be “deep breathing thrice can also make me feel relieved.” Anticipating the hardships that can emerge in the way of quitting smoking and writing alternative for them is the best possible way to quit smoking .

In the third step, smokers should set up a fixed date and time when they will bid goodbye to the cigarettes forever. The smokers should sign on the cigarette quitting contract before their family and friends so as to make their resolution of quitting cigarette public. Men must take this resolution before others as then it becomes matter of their will power and caliber because failure in fulfilling the resolution can bring the smokers in a humiliating situation where the familiars can make fun of the poor will power of the smoker. Smoking habit can be eliminated only by gradual yet continuous decrease in smoking.

The fourth step towards quitting smoking is to combat the cravings for cigarettes. Men can chew chewing gums or cinnamon sticks whenever they crave for cigarettes. It is best to use artificial cigarettes as it can satisfy the craving of cigarettes in a harmless manner. Taking a nap is also best way to combat the cravings of cigarettes. If you are at work place and are craving for a cigarette, then it will be better option to have a brief chat with colleagues instead of going out for smoking. One can resist the cravings of cigarettes by having a brisk walk in a jogging park near to ones home.

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The author is Michael Russell who has done thorough research on the top ways to quit smoking. He has sound experience in providing practical solutions on how one can stop smoking. He holds expertise in exposing ill effects of smoking on smokers.

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