4 Work At Home Myths And How To Avoid Them

By: Pat Plank

We've all seen ads trumpeting the work at home lifestyle. Most of them are targeted to people wanting quick money and more time with family. But there are a few myths regarding the work from home lifestyle that persist even though there is ample information out there.
One of the biggest myths I see (and deal with) is that work at home isn't really "work." Although I can see how this could seem like it, nothing is further from the truth. Sure, you have the ability to set your schedule and take breaks when you want, but if you do that too often, or find yourself in front of the TV, you will soon find that you get nothing accomplished.
The best way to deal with this is to give yourself a set schedule and daily goals. I know when I work, the phone goes off, MSN Messenger (and email) gets completely shut down. I am in effect making myself unreachable. If you have family members about, make sure that they know not to disturb you during your working hours unless its an emergency.
Another myth I often see is the one that claims you can work as little as you want and still make money. This is absolutely false. No matter which way you want to work from home, be it as a freelancer, a distributor in a network marketing company or as an affiliate marketer, you will have to do a LOT of work to get your business off the ground. 9-5 no longer applies, but the rewards are certainly worth it. The best way to combat this myth is do your research before you start to work at home. Decide if it is something you will put your effort into and go from there.
This next myth is one that goes hand in hand with the above: You can get rich quickly. The thing here is, if you have a specific skillset (say you're good at recruiting people) you can make money quickly. If, however you are starting out for the first time and just yesterday learned about the Internet, you won't make thousands of dollars by next week. You first need to invest the time in finding out what skills you do have and what you need to learn and then go learn it.
Myth #4 is the one that is most often touted by various programs: "no investment beyond this program needed." This again is a false notion. If you are intent on a work at home venture, there are expenses you will incur. Things like a monthly high speed Internet connection. This is an absolute necessity as I've tried running a business on dial-up and I can tell you the investment more than pays for itself with your first profit. Depending on your needs, you might need a fax machine. You will need a printer, paper and ink for printing out ebooks. Ebooks? When you work at home, your education is continual which means reading up on articles and ebooks related to what you are doing and printing them out for reference. Don't forget "old school" pen and paper for note taking.
Pursuing a work at home venture can be very rewarding, both monitarily and personally. From having the freedom to juggle your schedule as you see fit (provided the work gets done) to financial and stress freedom, it is a great way to attain supplemental income or start an entirely new career. Just bear in mind that work at home is still work, and to succeed, you need to take it seriously.

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