4 Ways of Adding Fun And Consistency To Your Workout.

By: Eric Odera

This is a very simple exercise, it is stuff that you have been doing all along, the only difference is that you will take it a notch higher in your personal fitness.

The objective here, is to give you certain ideas that will spark off imaginative thoughts , that will culminate in you setting up your own system of staying motivated, and on track with your training. You might be one of those people who want to approach health and fitness as a natural way of doing things, not a job or a difficult process that leaves you frustrated.

First things first, you need to start off with keeping a simple notebook that has the date and time for each workout/or activity carried out. You will name the exercise, movement, its length, amount of resistance used, distance covered, speed, number of repetitions and etc.

I got into this habit after graduating from high school, and I happened to have met a former football player from Virginia Military Institute. I admired his note taking habit, and upon investigation I learnt that he was an NFL draft pick. From there on, I was fully convinced about the importance of writing things down.

Now, the secret is keeping it simple, you see some of us think that you must have the exact name of a particular exercise or movement, no! that's not necessary, bottom line is; whatever you have on paper has to be something that you understand. Later on, you could research on the right name and terms(keep it moving, all the time!).Its a growth process, you will grow with the log.

Get into what I call a "deally".This could be as simple as saying that you will perform 20 push-ups every time you get into your house!This is powerful, I don't do this, my own "deally" is warming up and performing core exercises with my clients.

On top of this, I also perform flexibility drills with them.
You can definitely imagine the effects!-my core strength has greatly improved, and just the other day, one of my clients complimented me on my great flexibility. Now, can you replicate the same success?.The answer is:you can achieve more or less, it entirely depends on how at ease you are with your own "deally".
Make a deal that's not cumbersome to you,...and then apply some progression into it...maybe adding 3-5 reps every week, or even increasing your distance/speed.

Registering for an event is the third technique. Now this is such a fun way of doing things, because your eyes are set on a future event.

Peppering yourself with fun events also makes staying in shape enjoyable and refreshing. You may consider registering for mini-triathlons, beach volleyball tournaments, ski trips, basketball games, you name it..the list is endless. Just remember to have a healthy attitude, its all about participating and expressing your ability and life,-and, not being number one.

You could also reward yourself by getting new workout clothes, visiting a spa or historical landmark, doing something special and unique also counts. A word of caution; avoid overindulgence.
Even taking some time off from training is wonderful!,that sense of fulfillment is whats really important.

So what do you do, to add fun and consistency to your fitness?

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Eric Odera is a Fitness professional in New York City. He offers motivating and highly creative training to re-energize the lives of busy executives. www.ericodera.com

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