4 Ways To Keep Hands Looking Young

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The colder months are the worst time of year for your hands — even if you have smooth, youthful skin and perfectly manicured nails; your hands are way more prone to cracking and bleeding due to extreme dryness. No matter how young or old you actually are, crackly or dry skin can make your hands look significantly older. Whether it’s winter or any other season, you can keep your hands looking young with a few easy tweaks to your routine. The most important goal is to keep your skin healthy and moisturized, since hydrated skin provides a more youthful appearance. Here are four ways to keep those fingers looking fresh.

Wash Lukewarm
It’s important to make sure hands are clean, especially during the winter when germs and illnesses are passing from person to person frequently. Suds up with a small amount of moisturizing hand soap; moisturizing formulas are less drying than antibacterial or alcohol-based soaps. Then rinse your hands under warm water — not cold or hot water, as both can be hard on the skin when it’s already dry and chapped. Remember to apply hydrating cream after drying your hands, to keep moisture locked in.

Moisturize Constantly
Keep a tube or container of moisturizing cream on your desk, in your car, next to the sink, and any other locations where you spend time regularly. These creams are your best dry skin remedies. To keep hands soft and hydrated, apply moisturizers every time you wash your hands, and whenever your skin feels dry. During the day, you may want to select lighter formulas of skin lotions, so they’ll absorb more easily and won’t keep you from completing the day’s to-dos. At night, before you go to bed, you can apply a thicker rejuvenating cream, or use more of the product to get the most out of its hydrating qualities. In addition, put cotton “spa” gloves over your hands overnight to lock in the moisture and keep your natural skin cream working while you sleep. (If you don’t have spa gloves, cotton socks will work in a pinch.)

Protect Your Pretties
Plenty of people forget that the skin on your hands is just as thin as that on your face and neck. So why would you treat it any differently? When you apply your daily face moisturizer and sunscreen, apply it to your hands as well to give them extra moisture and protect them from sun damage and sunburn. In addition, wear gloves if you’re going out in the cold, as chilly air and swift winds can dry out and make skin feel tight, and more prone to cracking.

Appear Polished
Never underestimate the power of a good mani/pedi. While hitting the salon won’t necessarily make your skin healthier, keeping a regular spa date to keep your talons trim draws attention to your nails and away from dry digits. Brighter colors draw the eye to your fingertips, and a fresh manicure helps you to look more polished.

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