4 Vital Components of a Network Marketing System

By: Marius Ystenes

There are heaps of different ones available in the market place and that doesn't make it any easier to decide on which one to go for.

So, a network marketing system. What is it really?

This is a system you use to attract leads and new customers and marketers into your primary business.

Some people think of this system as the "system" many get told by their upline to follow, which usually consists of calling up 100 friends and family members, pass around flyers and hold home parties of some sort. But this is NOT what I'm going to talk about here. These are methods that are in fact working for a lot of different people, but this is not they way of doing it especially when it comes to marketing your business online. And with the right marketing system in place you get the freedom to choose which way you'd like to build your business as well.

The type of network marketing system I am discussing here is a system that has 4 vital parts in place:

1. It Does Not Promote Your Business Upfront
The first part of your network marketing system, the very first impression your prospects get of you, should introduce you as a person for you prospect, not your business. Therefore, this system must first give away free valuable content, content that the user actually finds useful so that they will be interested in knowing what more you have to offer. This is not done by just pitching a business.

2. It Should Be Fully Customizable To Brand YOU
You see, people that are actively searching online for help and better ways to building their business are not looking for another opportunity. Thus, these prospects are really searching for the right information and the right person that can really help them to become successful. It is therefore important that your marketing system does the job of branding you as this leader in the best way possible.

3. You Should Be Able To Use It Without Being a Marketing Guru
A great system is one where you do not need to be a technical guru to be able to use it. Building websites, handle email autoresponders, testing/tracking, and writing great sales copy for all of it is a process that would cost several thousands of dollars if you were to rent someone to do it for you. The network marketing system you go for ought to provide you with everything you need so that you can just plug into the system and start using everything right away.

4. Built-In Multiple Income Streams
You should be aware that most of the people that enters into your marketing funnel will in fact not be interested in joining you in your business opportunity. At least not right away. Which is totally ok. What your network marketing system should provide is valuable products and information for these people, products which you will earn a commission on. This way, you will earn money no matter if someone joins your primary business or not, and you will monetize your marketing efforts, so that you get into cashflow and can put more money back into your marketing.

At the very last, your network marketing system should drip information about your primary business onto your prospects automatically for you, and do all the telling, explaining and selling for you, so that you can leverage your time and spend it where it is most profitable. But this is not until your system has branded you as the leader they're looking for together with providing tons of great information to your prospects.

When you locate a network marketing system that has all of this in order, you will be producing over 50 leads a day and converting a lot of them into your primary business faster than you can spell the word "kaching".

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