4 Treatments Exposed to Say ‘NO’ to Spider Veins

By: Nicholas Hedge

Do you really feel annoyed to fleece ugly veins on your legs? Do you still adore long harem skirts and trousers in hot summers, or wrap yourself in a bath linen when at the beach with friends because you are uncomfortable about the veins peeping from your legs? If your reply is “yes” to these queries, you’re one among those women who faces this issue.

Spider veins are network of inflated capillaries that occur when the small valves in your blood vessels go weak and the blood could not pass smoothly. These are generally evident on your skin and commonly appear on the legs or face. Spider veins (telengiectasias) are indeed not a health risk, but equally true that it's a question mark for your beauty. Let's take a look at four remedies to set yourself free from these ugly hallmarks beneath your skin.

1. Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a process that implicates instilling a saline solution in your affected vessels where it sets off sore, blood clotting and blemish that eventually causes the spider veins to subside. Depending upon the stringency of your problem the Doctor may treat you at his/her clinic which would take about 15 to 30 minutes or even longer.

The therapy can make you feel little uncomfortable with cramps around the cured area for few minutes at the beginning. Don't panic! After the therapy gets over, passing side effects can embrace elevated red skin and staining at the injection corners, fine brown linings, and itching which would go away with time.

It just need 4-6 weeks’ time with a curable rate of 80% for the veins to disappear completely after this treatment. Merely two or three visits to your Doctor are enough to make you spider-vein free personality. Two or more sessions may be needed to eliminate all of your spider veins.

2. Simple Laser Treatment

As the name suggests, this non - prying outpatient technique engages the focus of laser beam/rays on your spider veins. The laser light seeps into the skin, calcidate the blood vessels leading to the removal of spider veins.

You may experience negligible pain when the laser enters to your skin. Doctor sessions needed are usually scheduled three weeks apart. Redness around the corners, swelling, bruising and mild burns are some of its fleeting side effects.

3. Combination Therapy (Sclerotherapy + Laser Treatment)

Often, mix and match of the above two treatment procedures is also advised by the Doctors to cure spider veins. If you have already been through any of these treatments but still found few marks of reoccurrence, consider trying the other one or a combination of both but surely discuss this option with your cardiac specialist.

4. Horse Chestnut

Recent studies on horse chestnut seed (Aesculus hippocstanum) says that this natural remedy can boost blood circulation, reinforce the capillaries and shrink soreness. The element ‘Aescin’ makes it a hit. You must go for a supplement that serves at least 50 milligrams of this substance, daily. It’s a long process that needs minimum 3 month time frame for complete cure.

If your ugly spider veins are embarrassing you up among all, explore your options today with a healthcare specialist. Make sure that you discuss your lifestyle habits as well to help avoid further spider vein development.

Don't take a chance - today's precaution can be tomorrow's benefit!

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Nicholas Hedge is associated with cardiology treatments for years now. In this article, he has discussed about “4 Treatments Exposed to Say ‘NO’ to Spider Veins ”, after reading some articles written by experienced heart specialists offering spider vein treatment in Huntington Beach.

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