4 Tips for Scheduling in Fitness

By: Lina S. Yates

Life moves so fast these days. The irony is that we need to stay fit in order to feel balanced, but finding the time to squeeze in exercise during the day can be quite a battle.

Luckily, it doesn't take a whole lot of time to get an appropriate amount of exercise. There are so many ways you can add fitness into your day.

Fitness at Work

Many employers these days have health and fitness programs in place, so if you're lucky enough to have a fitness-oriented employer, make sure you take advantage of these benefits. And if your employer isn't focused on health and fitness? There are still a lot of ways you can add fitness to your workday.

You can so many things during your work day to help you stay fit. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a classic example. But there are other ideas you can incorporate into your work day, too. For example, try to walk everywhere instead, and take a longer route whenever possible (moving quickly, so it will take you the same amount of time).

Want some more ideas? You can practice Pilates movements at your desk. There are sitting stretches you can do, too. Or if you have the room, take a few moments every now and then to do some basic stretches. You can even practice simple Yoga techniques! There are lots of fitness opportunities all around you. Keep on the alert for them, and you'll soon find it easy to keep fit during work.

Fitness At Home

Great, you're home, so working out is so much easier now, right? Wrong! Home requires just as much attention and responsibility as work, as well as being mom or dad at the same time.

Try involving the kids in your fitness activities. Children don't see exercise as being work. For them it's fun! So indulge in family time, and give yourself a good workout. Playing tag, jumping on the trampoline or going for a work - these are all just a few ways to enjoy your time with the kids and stay fit at the same time.

Need some other ideas? One easy thing to do is to turn your household chores into fitness workouts. When you vacuum, give your arm and back muscles a workout. Use the time you spend loading up the dishwasher to do proper bends, keeping your abdominal muscles tight so they get a good workout. Try doing chores, like sweeping the driveway, as quickly as you do for optimal aerobic benefits.

Errand Time

Errand time! And yes, as you probably have realized by now, you can still incorporate exercise into your routine while you're running errands. Find yourself in the checkout line at the grocery store? Contract your buttocks for a count of 15, and then release. This strengthens your muscles and makes the waiting time feel a lot shorter.

Another good move is to stand on your tiptoes for a count of 10 and then drop back. This helps strengthen calf muscles. Pushing a loaded grocery cart also qualifies as aerobic effort! When you're sitting in traffic, seize the moment to do some arm exercises and stretching moves while you wait. You may get a few funny looks but at least your blood pressure isn't boiling over.

Random Fitness Opportunities

If you're feeling kind of lethargic, speed-walking at the park can get you feeling energetic again. Or try mall-walking for some indoor fitness fun. Some malls actually encourage mall-walking by offering incentive programs. If you're lucky to have a program like that nearby, you can walk for points, and redeem them later for gift certificates or discount coupons.

You'll find lots of opportunities to work fitness into your life at random, opportune moments. Keep your eyes open for such opportunities, and sooner rather than later you'll find yourself doing lots of spur of the moment keeping-fit activities.

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