4 Tips for Effective Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

By: Glenda Himes

Small businesses are now trying their luck online. They make use of the Internet in order to sell and profit. However, not everybody prospers. This is because they are not familiar with effective Internet marketing and they do not seek the help of the experts. First, get yourself schooled about it and second, hire an Internet marketing company in Arizona.

1. Invest more of your time and energy on Google.

In your search engine optimization strategies, it is best to put your focus more on Google. Surely, you will ask why. Here’s the data from comScore qSearch to answer you: In May 2013, 20 billion explicit core searches were made. Google sites ranked first with 13.4 billion (66.7%). Microsoft sites placed second with 3.5 billion (17.4%). It was followed by Yahoo sites with 2.4 billion (11.9%), Ask Network with 547 million (2.7 percent) and AOL, Inc. with 266 million (1.3%). These figures should be enough for an answer. But this is not saying that you should not work on some plans for the other search engines. You may still do so.

2. Choose your keywords intelligently.

Use keywords that are linked to your industry or business or else, your site will be frequented by those who are not your potential customers. Likewise, select keywords that are much easier to rank; however, do not make use of keywords that are also used by large companies or you will be in tight competition. Use long-tail keywords because they are less competitive. Another important point is to make your keywords geographically-specific.

3. Give your prospect clients the content they require.

Users visit sites that carry the information they need. Now, what sorts of content should you have? They are not the products you offer - at least not yet because they have yet to discover them as they land on your website. They are basically about things that are at least linked to your products and answer the questions how to, what to expect, what should you do, and a lot more Hs and Ws articles that serve as tips and guides for them. Of course, you are giving this info for free. What do you have in return? You now have the ability to market your products and therefore stimulate purchase.

4. Let them know you exist.

With scammers everywhere on the Internet, clients are always on the lookout. They do not buy from site or from people they do not know and they do not trust. But the problem is that you are selling online. There is no way you can meet and consult with them. This is when your picture comes in. Place your image in the About page of your website. If possible, include the photos of the people who work with you. In this way, you are able to boost your credibility online.

Small businesses have the passion to do business online. They give their 100 percent commitment to be successful. Regrettably, though, they don't have the knowledge and the competence to start. But it’s not too late. They can make themselves well-informed about the effective strategies in Internet marketing and they can get the help of an Internet marketing company in Arizona.

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