4 Tips For Using Digital SLR Reviews to Make the Best Choice

By: Marina Evelin

Are you interested in buying a digital camera? Then stay put. For now. Just make sure you read this digital photography article first. After reading this article you will hopefully be aware of the number of choices available. It's dazzling. There is simply too much to choose from. That's why using some digital SLR reviews will help you make an informed choice.

Now, when looking at different digital cameras you can get overwhelmed easily. Megapixels, different lenses, point-and-shoot versus SLR cameras. Where do you begin. Let's follow some handy tips to start making some good choices about your next digital camera.

Tips #1: Consider the Use of Your Camera

First off, you need to work out what you will use your camera for. What type of photos will you be making? Will you be using your camera very often or not? Will you need to be able to enlarge photos to poster format? What is your budget? Will you take the time to learn the more sophisticated features of more expensive cameras or not? Will you take the time to enhance your photos with a photo editor or not?

Answering these simple questions will already give you a few answers, such as whether you need a compact or digital SLR camera and the quality range you are after.
And if you plan on doing lots of photo editing that can involve zooming in and cropping a small portion of the image, you may even want a 10+ mega pixel camera for that kind of heavy duty work.

Tips #2: Understand the Zoom

Now that you have chosen a certain range of cameras it is time to drill down a little deeper. First of all we'll consider the zoom function. There are a few possibilities here. A camera may have an optical zoom that relies on the lens, or a digital zoom that enlarges an image already captured by your camera.

Generally, an optical zoom will produce better results. The photos are usually sharper and clearer when you use an optical zoom. With digital zoom you often get this less sharp, grainy effect that simply does not look as good.

Tips #3: Supported File Formats

At the lower end of the spectrum there are some cameras that do not support TIFF, GIF and RAW formats, but only JPEG. You may think, why does that matter? Well, it does, when storing things in JPEG format you often lose some image quality when the file gets compressed to this format. so make sure you are familiar with the file formats your camera supports as this will definitely impact outcomes.

Tips #4: Brand and Why It is Important

Now, buying brand names is not something necessarily good or bad. But, when buying a digital SLR camera for the first time you will want to consider the consequences. Usually, over time, you will acquire some extras for your D-SLR. Lenses for example. These can be very expensive. And many brand lenses are not compatible with other brands. So when buying your D-SLR camera you do need to consider sticking with a reputable brand with a wider range of cameras. That way, when you want to upgrade to a more professional model you will not lose all of your previous investment in lenses and other digital camera accessories.

As you can see, buying a digital camera is fraught with some danger! That's why reading compact digital camera reviews and digital SLR reviews is the way to go when buying a digital camera. Don't just go for the biggest model with the most features. Think about what you will use the camera for and make your choices is based on that. With proper research and your mind made up, you can be guaranteed that you will make a great choice and will have digital photography pleasure for years and years to come!

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