4 Things You May Have Done To Drive Away Your Girlfriend

By: Erik J. Michaels

The vast majority of the time when your girlfriend leaves you, it's generally because of something really stupid you either said or did. That should probably come as no surprise to you. What may be surprising to learn is that dealing with these insane creatures called women doesn't have to be so dang hard, not if you know what you've been doing wrong and can fix it!

That's why I'm writing this for you, as a friendly man-to-man resource for a few of the things we frequently do that tick our ladies off and make them want to leave. Sure there are women nice enough to painstakingly list off our every faults for us, but not every guy is so lucky as to have one. Not to worry, bro...I will help you through this madness.

1) Number one thing that women hate about guys is that they just don't pay attention to their ladies. Sure she talks a lot, but it's USUALLY a good idea to listen to her. Even if she's talking about things that make absolutely no sense to you, you need to pay attention to her and act like you understand. If she doesn't get constant attention when she's speaking, somehow you don't love her.

That can be a little tricky sometimes though...too much attention and she'll think you're an obsessed freak who collects strands of her hair and rolls them into little balls and puts them in a locked chest. Obviously this is an impression you want to avoid, so finding that balance is essential. Best advice is to just listen to her. Like, actually listen. She'll TELL you what she wants. Usually.

2) There's this concept that women have, called "emotional support." They need their guys to be "emotionally supportive" of them. Best as I can figure it, it's kinda related to item number 1 on this list, but a little more expansive. Girls need to feel like their guys really understand them, and can get to know them almost as well as they know themselves.

There are a privileged few in the world of men who come by this talent naturally. I hate those scumbags, as I'm not one of them. If you're like me, it requires a lot of attention and devotion to really pick up on all the little clues they give you as to exactly what they want. Really, if you can perfect item number 1, you can probably do okay with this one.

3) Women really kinda hate it when guys cheat on them, even if some of these same girls would gladly cheat on their guys. Of course we all realize this is a no-no, and wouldn't be too happy if our girls cheated on us...but sometimes we either have a momentary lapse of stupidity, or we don't realize what exactly constitutes "cheating" in the female mind.

You see, having sex with another woman is only the most extreme case of cheating. Talking to other women, looking at other women, even fantasies including other women can all be considered cheating as far as girls are concerned. Sure, girls can flirt all they want with whoever they want, but to us guys it's best that we forget that girls other than our ladies even exist...they're all just funny-looking guys with long hair.

4) For crying out loud, there is more trouble in the home than there has any right to be. When living with your girlfriend, simply accept the fact that you are GOING to help out around the house. You are fully capable of taking out the trash whether you want to or not, and if you know what's good for you, you'll just do what your girl says and hope she doesn't make you sleep on the couch.

So why am I telling you all this? What good does it do you if you've already broken up with her? Well, this has been a list of things you could do WRONG, right? Well, how about you stop doing these things? It'll make your future relationships better, and if you manage to get your ex girlfriend back, you'll have a lot better chance of making it work this time.

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