4 Simple Tips to Make You a Better Photographer

By: Raph Daryl

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yes it definitely is, as a picture can express emotions that even words fail to express, and it also leaves an enduring message in the viewer's mind. This is why clicking a brilliant picture needs an understanding of art and skills that not everyone possess. However, photography is not just about clicking good pictures, but capturing a fleeting moment that lasts forever. A photographer needs to connect himself to his subject, so he can create a quintessentially creative masterpiece. If you think that you have the knack for photography or you have recently adopted photography as a hobby then these below mentioned tips may help you to take your photography skills to the next level.

Don't be shy to get in close to your subject

A lot of photographers tend to cram too many objects into their photographs, thereby making the image look cluttered and unfocused. A good photographer always tries to remain focused on his subject. In photography, less is often more, so instead of including a frivolous background or clutter into your picture, you should rather focus on your subject's details. For that, you first need to determine what in your photograph needs to be centre-staged. This way you will be able to create something that will catch your viewer's attention.

Don't compare yourself with other photographers

Comparing your talent is a big no-no, especially when it comes to a creative field like photography. There is no harm in getting inspired and motivated by others, but if you will waste your valuable time in looking over your shoulders, it will only lead to disappointment and discouragement. So instead of comparing your creative journey with someone else's journey, you should choose to spend your time in clicking some amazing pictures and learning new things every day.

Make your camera your best friend

Get accustomed to carrying your camera everywhere you go. This is the best way to experiment with your photographic skills. Initially, you may find it uncomfortable to carry a heavy camera every day, but gradually you will be inspired to shoot things that you have overlooked earlier. When you shoot new things everyday or the older ones in a new way, you tend to learn more about your camera and the photography itself.

If you are serious about photography, invest in good lenses

Remember that your lens is always more important than your camera. A good lens can offer infinite possibilities. It's not your camera but the lens which defines the limitation of your picture. The incredible features of a good lens such as the higher zoom in and out quality, the maximum size of the aperture, the quality of the glass and so on can help you get the right shot. Moreover, you can buy lens according to the type of photography you are interested in. For example, you need a telephoto zoom lens for landscape photography, whereas for wildlife photography, you might need to buy a microscopic lens which is designed to capture the details of the subject.

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