4 Reasons Why Comedy Should Be A Part Of Your Life

By: Brock Mccarthy

You laugh to death while watching your favorite comedy show. In fact, you go on a laughing spree and want it to never stop. Laugh crazily in front of your morose buddy, I bet he/she will manage a smile and probably will burst into a big laughter if you persist tenaciously. We bond over laughter as we find the times when we laugh around with a bunch of friends to be the happiest. This could well explain why comedians have been given celebrity status. They make a business out of laughter― they sell laughter. For one thing, comedy evokes laughter, but laughter does more than just amuse us.

For Your Mind and Body

If you are stressed out, just tune in to a comedy channel and soon you'll have yourself rolling on your couch. Who is stressed now? Humor works as an antidote to stress, pain and fatigue. It stimulates the release of endorphins that act as your body's natural painkiller. T-killer cells are released when you undergo a laughter therapy; they are believed to combat carcinogenic substances in your body, keeping cancer at bay. Your heart gets a hearty treat with a good laugh as it improves cardiovascular function with an increase in blood circulation. Above all, your immune system stands strong with a regular dose of laughter. These benefits are too towering to be overlooked.

It Improves Your Emotional Quotient

The greatest comedian the world has ever had, Charles Chaplin, was the embodiment of a strong emotional quotient. All the characters he played were always troubled and devastated, but he always showed a strong emotional outlook. Likewise, whenever you watch a comedy show you develop a positive approach towards solving a problem. It creates a positive psychological impact on you and you tend to feel good, thereby gathering courage and strength to find new ways to a fulfilling life. With a positive attitude, you will find it easier to achieve goals of your life.

You Tend to Build Stronger Relationships and Socialize Better

You might have remarked that your kid responds to your queries well when you are in a jovial mood. You crack jokes with your kid and laugh together― these are signs of a healthy relationship― as you tend to know your kid more especially when he/she is growing up. Moreover, you become more of a friend than just a parent. Similarly, you foster emotional connect among your friends in school, college or office when you engage in a humorous and playful communication. Besides, at times, the office environment gets damn serious due to the work pressure, and if you are the one who knows how to break the ice, go ahead and be the clown. This will not only ease the air but will also make you the most loveable guy.

Your Every Morning is Energetic

Even your sleep welcomes you when you say it hello with a smile rather than with a frown. Obviously, you find it hard to sleep with an anxiety. Taking a brief dose of comedy from TV or radio before sleep every day can actually lure a deep and sound sleep. It's all about the psychological impact of humor that works while you go to sleep, making you feel fresh and energetic every morning.

You may say that comedy is an overall approach to a better and fulfilled life. Even if you indulge in it merely for the sake of amusement, it's worth it.

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