4 Great tips to progress your guitar playing today

By: Joel Wanasek

As guitar players, we can often spend many hours jamming in our bedrooms trying to get better. Without correct instruction, it can be difficult for a guitarist to know how to practice correctly. Iíve compiled a list of some important principles that you can apply to your own guitar practice. If you follow this simple advice, you should see amazing results. Many guitar players usually ignore this kind of advice. However, this is the sort of information that will give you real results. The principles are easy. The application takes effort and devotion.

Set a practice objective

When you start with the end in mind, you are getting on the right track for success. In order to effectively achieve any goal in your guitar practice, you need to define exactly what it is that you desire to achieve. Set both short term goals (e.g. writing a song) and long term goals (e.g. sell a million records). Split your goals into manageable steps and start working on achieving them every day. No matter how sizeable your task is, you can accomplish it if you break it into small tasks. Keep a guitar practice log book to track your growth.

Set a practice schedule

You will have only a finite amount of time every day to practice. The quantity of guitar practice is not as important as the quality. One way you can guarantee that you make maximum progress in your guitar practice is to establish a schedule for your allotted time. Try to split up what you are practicing guitar so that you do not concentrate all of your effort on one guitar technique. You do not want to become lopsided in your progress. Please note that there is no perfect practice schedule as each guitar playerís needs are unique. Allocate time as you see appropriate, experiment with it, and see what works for you. You should also free yourself from distractions like cell phones when practicing. You will not get the most out of your practice if you are not totally concentrated on it. Here are some free guitar lessons with good practice schedule examples.

Perfection in practice makes perfection in performance

The mind literally learns everything that you do. If you teach yourself a bad habit, then it is much more difficult to unlearn it than it is to learn something new. Because of this, it is very important for you to practice new things with perfect technique slowly until you can play it perfectly. Once youíve mastered something slowly, you can speed it up until you are satisfied. Never play faster than you can!

Focus on difficulties when practicing

If you can play 90% of a song flawlessly, but there are a few small sections that mess you up, instead of practicing the whole song, just work on practicing the tough section. You can practice a section many more times individually than you could if you just played through a whole song. So, break challenging licks into tiny sections. Master each of them and then put it all together. If you do this, you will grow much more rapidly than most people. It is very simple, but so many guitarists do not know this secret. This is the key to being effective with your time.


These tips are very clear-cut, but the results and implications of them are mammoth. Little things can get big results! Check out some excellent free guitar lessons from world class guitar players.

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