4 Exotic Locations Best Seen via Cruises

By: Raphael Rowe

Cruise vacations are indeed one of the most enjoyable holidays. Generally, vacations aren't supposed to be the same, and since it is you who has to make the travel, lodging and all other arrangements in a normal vacation, the pleasures are often substituted by management skills. This is where cruise vacations stand out. The all expenses paid privilege is what makes people enjoy cruise vacation right from the beginning till the very end, without any worries of any manner. This is what we all look out for whenever we go on vacations, but sadly end up harassing our already tired minds and bodies even more. Cruise vacations allow you to live your vacation in the best way possible. All you need to do is pick up a great location and book a cruise holiday; everything else will be taken care of by the cruise. If you are finding difficulty in choosing the location, here is a list of the most amazing locations to be seen from a cruise.


If you want to explore nature's artistic skills beneath the surface of the sea, Alaska is your destination. This is the place which will bring you face to face with nature's largest creation the whales. The Humpbacks, killer whales and gray whales are a favorite among tourists. Huge bears also frequent the Glacier Bay. The five species of Salmons also swim through this very place. The shoreline of Glacier Bay will show you a myriad of migrating birds you could never even think of. Coming close to the beautiful colors of these flying creatures, the monstrous size of the whales, the bears and the Fjords while sailing by the glacier are definitely worth a visit.


A cruise vacation to the Mediterranean is no less than experiencing a rainbow. Just like a rainbow shows you different colors, a Mediterranean vacation will give you the precious opportunity to explore places like Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Tunisia, Cyprus and Albania one after the other. A vacation in the Mediterranean would indeed be colorful as you experience the various cultures, architectures and cuisines. You will be mesmerized by the captivating islands, beautiful ports and, of course, the turquoise water.


The Caribbean has a chain of islands to offer to its tourists. In terms of exploration, the Caribbean is one step ahead of the Mediterranean. Its chain of islands divides the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. You can enjoy the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and relax on the greens of the Gulf simultaneously. The coral reefs, the white sand, and the coconut trees will give you much needed relaxation.


We all know the Galapagos Islands for its diverse ecosystem. This archipelago is home to lava formations, cactus forests, green highlands, turquoise bays and tropical beaches. The Galapagos will bring you face to face with some of nature's mysterious creations; boobies with bright blue feet, tool-using woodpecker finches, and male frigate birds that know the trick to inflate their throats into red balloons. You could go snorkelling or sunbathing with the marine iguanas sitting on black lava rocks near to you. The Galapagos will keep you on your toes; you never know what awaits you in which corner of these islands.

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