4 Exercises Of Eyes For You To Preserve And Improve Your Vision

By: Amuro Wesley

Whether your eyesight stays good or bad boils down to our eye tracking abilities. What this basically means is listening, seeing, comprehending and processing all incoming information. This is how we should learn and understand. But not everyone can do so at the same speed and level.

Some people like myself initially study blindly by memorizing every word in the book all day and night while others take down and understood the keypoints quickly. With the right exercises, you can preserve and improve your vision while still achieving positive results.

One of the major problems people have in vision is fixation.
Fixation is the inability to focus on a particular object. This problem typically begins with dysfunction of brain and results in the person unable to concentrate and get distracted easily by external influences.

The simple solution is to perform these 4 exercises.

Take 2 different coloured pens or pencils. Then place them about 15 to 16 inches from your eyes. Start by looking at the pen on your left and then to your right. Keep doing this to and fro but change the number of times in between.

Another way is using flashlight tags or playing games involving torches. The ideal place to do this is in a dark room with your boyfriend or girlfriend besides you. Let him or her hold 1 torch while you holding the other. After which, you can take turns in shining on a particular object.

Ridiculous it might sound, this can help to improve your eye tracking and motor skills subconsciously as you gradually become more familiar with the objects even if you are in the dark.

The third way is to hang a small plastic ball from the ceiling. Use a plastic or table tennis bat and start hitting again and again. Once you started progressing, substitute the bat with a small paper towel. Then resume by concentrating on the ball again by tracking its movements and strike with the towel.

The fourth way is to play small ball games like badminton, table tennis or tennis. Get a family member, friend or group to participate. Use the same concepts I just mentioned in the three ways in this. Only this time you need to move your body as much as your eyes when tracking the ball direction before registering hits.

With that said, these 4 exercises should be able to help you in not just preserving and improving your vision but being alert as well, You do not have to do all of them. Just pick one you are most comfortable with and progress from there.

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