4 Awesome Ideas for Crafting Sports Team Logo for Your Squad

By: Tammy Becker1

For a sports squad, a logo is one of the most important parts of its identity. All their opponents and fans will recognize the players by their symbol and it will be printed EVERYWHERE from t-shirts to posters.

In short, it is very important to create the right design the first time or risk confusing the team's fan following.

So, are you trying to craft a brand mark for your group players and don't know how to draw it?

We have four awesome ideas that will help you craft awesome team logo designs.

1. Images of sports equipments:

A great idea is to use images of equipments that your game is related to. That gives a simple and sophisticated look to your symbol. It also makes it easily recognizable because of the simplicity of the image. For example, if your game is related to baseball, you can use a ball and a glove in your design. Anyone who will look at your logo will easily understand which game your players are related to. This is the perfect choice for squads that play internationally as it is easier for their audience to understand the nature of sport only by looking at their trademark even if the language in the emblem is not recognizable to them.

2. Team name initials:

Using squad initials in the emblem makes it bold, clean and audacious. It shows confidence and coolness of the players. Also, it is common for sports groups to be recognized by their initials rather their group names so using initials in the brand mark makes it easily memorable for the viewers and creates a lasting impression.

3. Cartoon themes:

Nowadays, many teams are using cartoon themes in their trade mark designs to create a light and humorous outlook. This is mostly observed for high school games trademark design where suggestive aggression is discouraged. If your squad mascot is a cartoon character then you can also use an illustrated image of the mascot in your emblem's design.

4. Animal images:

Another great way to design your sports team logo is by using animal images in the symbol. Use illustrations of animals and birds like cheetah, bull, lion, hawk, wolf, dog, shark, snake, tiger or dragon to make your brand mark intimidating. Here, you need to make sure that the animal's attributes reflect the squad's features. For example, if your game is related to water, then it makes sense to choose a sea animal like a shark or an octopus. Similarly, if it is related to land and speed, then choose a land creature that reflects the same like a cheetah.

In a nutshell, your game symbol is what will set your players apart from the rest. Make sure that you create a brand mark that the players feel proud to carry.

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Tammy Becker is a senior graphic design consultant at a professional graphic design company. For more information team logo designs please contact at sports team logo.

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