3 carpet cleaning methods from carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning Harpenden experts

By: Cesar Muler

Different carpets are cleaned using different methods. The hot water extraction method is the most commonly used process for commercial carpet cleaning but it is not the only method that professionals use. When you call someone for carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning Harpenden they will first consider the carpet that you have and then its condition. After the inspection is over they will recommend the best cleaning procedure.

In the hot water extraction method hot water mixed with a detergent is sprayed on the carpet and then vacuumed off so that the soil in the carpet is extracted along with the solution. In some cases pre-treatment is also done and at the end of the cleaning process air drying may also be carried out. But there are some other very effective methods that may be used by carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning Harpenden experts.

The spin bonnet cleaning process is more or less similar to shampooing. In this process a rotary machine with an absorbent bonnet attached to its bottom is used. To start off a detergent solution is sprayed on the carpet surface. The rotary bonnet is then used for agitation and removal of the soil. The soil is suspended in the solution. When one side of the pad is soiled it is reversed. Some of the bonnets may also contain scrubbing strips. The bonnet can be replaced when both sides are soiled. This form of cleaning is usually done for large carpeted areas, commercial buildings for example.

Carpet cleaning can also be done using a dry detergent or solvent. This compound is sprinkled onto the carpet surface and machines are used to work it into the pile. The soil particles get attached to the dry compound which is then removed by vacuuming. One of the advantages of this process is that there is no use of any wet cleaning compound.

Another type of cleaning used by carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning Harpenden experts is called in-plant cleaning. Where the rugs are valuable and they are loose in nature this form of cleaning is highly effective. The rugs are passed through a duster to extract soil. This method is more effectively than vacuuming. The rug is then washed and hung to be dried and this is done in a controlled air environment. This form of cleaning is always done in the premises of the cleaner. This is an expensive procedure and one has to be sure about the carpet cleaner before they send their valuable rug for cleaning.

None of these mentioned cleaning methods are possible when you do the cleaning on your own. There is the requirement for special pieces of equipment and there is also the requirement for expertise. If you try any of these methods at home you may end up damaging your carpet, something that is not at all desirable. The natural solution is to hire one of the carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning Harpenden experts that know how to use these methods.

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Depending on the type of cleaning required professionals for carpet cleaning St Albans and carpet cleaning Harpenden may use different cleaning methods.

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