3 Winning Poker Strategy Tips

By: Robert Thomson

Poker is one of those games that many love to play, but few have truly mastered. You need to know the strategies that will make you a winner! Everyone has their own technique, but here are three key things that can help you become a better poker player. Whether you are a beginner or a long time competitor, these concepts do apply universally.

First of all, be very sporadic and keep people guessing. This is especially true when you play around the same people on a repeated basis. Whether that means going to the same casino, playing the same online poker game, or getting together for a weekly game with your buddies - don't be predictable! That is a surefire way to go from winning streak to losing streak in no time flat!

Secondly, having a great poker face seems obvious but is time-tested and oh so true! Some newbies think having a great poker face means looking emotionless at all times. Other amateurs tend to think that means consistently having a weak appearance when your hand is strong but taking on a strong appearance when your hand is weak.

While these crafty poker face techniques do genuinely work when they are staggered at random, they do not work if you use them consistently - again, especially within the same game or in the front of the same opponents. To be successful, vary your poker face every time so that no one knows exactly what is going on in your head at any given moment!

Playing top ten hands is a third solid way to moderate your winnings. If you play too few hands, you may not see the big gains you're looking for. However, if you play too many and press your luck, you can lose it all as quickly as you won it! This seems like an obvious gambling concept, but one that is tricky to truly gauge properly.

The old adage, Quit while you're ahead applies. If you see some winnings that make you excited, don't keep going. Put it away and start fresh next time you go. If you feel the need to stay and play, invest small amounts in your games thereafter to prevent losing those big gains.

There is no perfect science to poker playing, but these concepts when applied diligently can really kick up your game.

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