3 Ways to Make Sure Your Windchimes are Used for Optimal Feng Shui

By: Whimsical Winds

Installing windchimes around or inside your home is one thing, and installing them to ensure you reap the mysterious benefits of feng shui is another. Firm believers of this originally Oriental philosophy will tell you that carefully following the prescriptions of feng shui can help you achieve success in all areas of your life.

1. Remember material compatibility

At the core of feng shui’s philosophy is maintaining order and harmony in the universe, and such a principle is strictly observed in terms of what elements or materials work together.

As such, choosing the types of wind chimes you want to install in your home should depend on how these different materials can work together according to feng shui’s “bagua” area element (bagua is used as a reference in analyzing the inherent energy of any given space). For instance, according to feng shui’s bagua, a wind chime made of metal (the metal element) should be placed only in spots that are “receptive” to this element, namely the west, northwest, and north.

2. Be mindful of windchime design symbolism

When buying windchimes with the intention of staying on feng shui’s good side, then look for those chimes that are especially designed to embody feng shui’s symbolism. It is easy to find such wind chimes in arts and crafts or furniture shops. Among the most popular feng shui windchimes include the elegant Chi Lin (believed to provide protection), and the familiar Mystic Knot (believed to attract or draw in abundant energy).

Again, even the placement should be determined according to optimal feng shui. For example, the southwest area of your home is considered as the “love and marriage area,” which means it is most receptive to a wind chime made of clay or porcelain (earth element) featuring the hearts design.

3. Numbers matter

If wind chime material and symbols are important, then numbers also play a vital role in achieving harmony, according to feng shui. Fortunately, wind chime makers almost always consider these things when designing their products, that is why you’ll often find wind chimes featuring six or eight rods or bells (numbers that are said to attract or channel positive energy), whereas the number five is believed to be most powerful in suppressing bad energy.

As you can see, the often bewildering considerations you need to observe when installing wind chimes may be confusing, but once you set out to strictly follow the prescriptions of feng shui, you will discover that it isn’t too difficult and can be enjoyable. The amount of attention you must pay to matters of material, symbolism and numbers can mean that after you’ve done everything right, you can look at your handiwork with the pleasure of accomplishment.

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