3 Ways to Lose a Ton of Money on Your Next Purchase of Ab Exercise Equipment

By: Alexa Bjorkin

Getting a desirable set of six pack abs is a realistic goal to achieve once you realize how your body reacts to different methods and which ones give you the best results.

With there being so many ab miracle machines and what not on the market, it's pretty hard to find out which ones work for you and which ones will waste a lot of time and money, especially since most don't have an easy trial offer.

That's why I'm here to tell you 3 ways you can lose a ton of money on purchases of ab exercise equipment in hopes that you won't do it.

1. Purchasing a gimmicky ab rocker contraption from a late night infomercial instead of investing your money in a stability ball.

This is what those ab gimmicks DON'T do:

-work every muscle in your core (no matter what the company tells you)

- promote belly fat loss

-give you better results than a basic crunch that can be done without the machine for free

Here's what the stability exercise ball DOES do:

-causes you to utilize even the deepest of your core muscles to balance yourself during your routines

- it's versatile enough to use in full body workouts that do promote belly fat loss

- it works your abdominal and back muscles simultaneously- more than a standard crunch

2. Not using the equipment you buy (or not using it enough).

So I know this seems very obvious but there are plenty of people out there that do this and let the machine sit in a spare room as clutter. Maybe they expected something else, maybe it's a pain to return it, maybe they couldn't make the time or get energy to use it; either way, it becomes a dust collector.

Yet on the other side, I know of people who try out an ab machine, stick to it for a while, and eventually lose interest because the results they were expecting aren't showing at that point. In other words, they don't have the results of the trained fitness model they saw on tv. (Here's something to question, do you actually believe those professional fitness models have the bodies they do from soley using that ab gadget on tv?)

3. Not practing a healthy diet.

My saying for losing fat and getting your six pack abs to show is DIET IS KING! This weight loss factor is extremely responsible for the inches of belly fat you have (or don't have) on top of your abs.

If you are eating fast food or processed foods, it won't matter that you spend hours at the gym a week exercising because an unhealthy diet will not produce the result of lean, six pack abs. Honestly, you'll be wasting a lot of time just burning off the junk food and not much more. You don't want to be stuck in that unfulfilling cycle.

On the other extreme, if you're not eating enough (because of a "low" whatever diet you're on or you've decided to starve yourself to lose fat) then I really need to tell you that you're doing a lot of harm to your body.

When you don't eat enough food, you don't feed your muscles enough to maintain themselves. What ends up happening is you start to lose all that muscle you built. Your muscles are there to convert body fat to energy. However, if you don't feed them well enough, your body will use them for energy instead.

So the truth is, it won't matter how much you exercise on a stability ball or really any piece of gym equipment because your body will be forced to convert your muscle to energy, not the fat.

If you want to waste time and money on dead-end routines that won't help you lose belly fat, then buy all the ab gimmicks you want.
However, I know because you're reading this, that is not you. So please don't fall for these traps when purchasing ab exercise equipment.

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