3 Ways To Have ACN Success

By: Chuk Turner

I'm here today to give you some bare bones facts about growing your business and achieving ACN success.

And no; I'm not going to give you a magic formula that will give you massive results over night.

But it will give you information straight from leaders in the organization so you can actually succeed at this ACN thing.

So... here they are.

And yes, you may have heard that success is never really a given. But here your success will be guaranteed if you can commit to the following three points.

1. Learn to do an AMAZING presentation
2. Learn to launch a new rep the right way
3. Learn to promote events. Especially the Internationals that ACN holds 4 times a year

So without further delay - here we go!

1. Learn to do an AMAZING presentation:

People love inspiring stories.

Most of the time when people start with ACN - they really don't see themselves presenting. But that's really because they think whoever presented to them was always an expert - which is almost never true. You have to be bad at something before you can be good...

So don't worry about your presentation being horrible at first. Just be sure to copy your presentation from someone else and make it your own. Over time you WILL get better.

And keep in mind - the team with the most presenters makes the most money.

2. Learn to launch a new rep the right way:

One of the most common mistakes in this industry is signing up anyone under the sun... When we are new, we are just desperate to see some possible results. It makes us feel good!

But this is never really a good practice.

Launching new reps should always be done the right way - or you'll be dragging feet. And if you have to drag people around - you'll find it very hard to make the kind of money you want.

3. Learn to promote events. Like the big international events.

If you ever get good at one thing in ACN, this is the thing!

If you can get people to events, you'll be just fine - because the opportunity is meant to sell itself.

If you're confused as to what I mean by events, here's a breakdown. 1. Weekly business opportunity meetings. 2. Private Business Reception (PBR) - it's just a fancy name for a home meeting 3. Weekly Saturday Training 4. The big international events

You can't say the wrong thing to the right people. And that's true. So even if you closest people think you're not good at anything - if you can get them to larger events the business will sell itself and your friends will respect you for bringing them.

So... Promote...Promote...Promote!!!!

My very best,


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