3 Ways To Get A Girls Into you

By: Robert Thomson

I wanted to spend some time today and tell you about the 5 ways to get a girl attracted to you fast. Whether you're out in a loud place or even during the day, I'm going to teach you some on the field tested quality techniques you can use to get women attracted to you in ways you haven't seen before.

Ways to Get a Girl Attracted to You #1

Don't Be Reactive:

When people talk about confidence with women, this is the number one trait that they look for. This is probably one of the best ways to get a girl attracted to you. Women will tease you, challenge you with questions and test your personality in different ways. Your composure and ability to not react in a way that makes it looks like you were affected by their different tests will make or break attraction. For example, if a girl makes fun of you and says you have a big belly or something, you shouldn't be saying something like "No, I don't..." or anything emotionally triggered. Instead, you should be playful and laugh about her comment because her opinion about you doesn't even matter.

Ways to Get a Girl attracted to you #2

Don't Be Apologetic:

So many guys have the habit for being for apologetic to very attractive women when they say or do something that the girl disagrees with. Being apologetic to things you say or do just to make a girl happy will almost instantly kill attraction. You need to start saying the things that you like and not be constantly looking back a the girl to see if she's enjoying it. Trust me, if you're excited about what you're saying then the girl is going to be interested too. Your attitude will be contagious! This is no doubt one of the best ways to get a girl attracted to you.

Ways to Get a Girl attracted to you #3

Be Playfully Dominant:

The last tip I wanted to give you about different ways to get a girl attracted to you was playful dominance. This is very easy to do and takes the combing two opposite traits to achieve. this one of my favorite ways to get a girl attracted that I use all the time. You need to combine your manly traits of leadership, decision making and talking loud in social interactions with being fun, laughing and even being a tad bit goofy at times. Try using this technique and I guarantee you'll start seeing fast results with women.

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed and learned from the 3 ways to get a girl attracted you and urge you start using those tips on your next social interaction. There literally a barrage of tips I can give you on ways to get a girl attracted to you and I'll be writing about them in my coming articles.

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