3 Top Tips for Reducing Keloids

By: Abigail Mckenzee

If you are one of the many sufferers of keloids in the world who is yet to find a course of treatment that actually works then this article is for you. For years I searched for an effective solution to my ever growing keloid problem but it was to no avail, until a friend finally pointed me in the right direction.
If you've dealt with keloids for years, or if you are beginning to discover the appearance of scarring, especially after surgery then please pay close attention. It took me over 10 years to understand how to best treat this irritating and unsightly skin condition but if you follow these three simple tips you should be getting rid of your unwanted keloids in no time.
If you've never heard of this type of scarring before, keloids are thick, itchy clusters of scar tissue that generally grow beyond the edges of a wound. They are sometimes very nodular in nature, and they are often darker in color than the surrounding skin. In addition, keloid scars have a tendency to reoccur, sometimes requiring repeated treatment. Perhaps this is the reason I have first hand experience with all the following treatment options.
Top Tip #1 - Identify Your Risk Category
A primary tool in the prevention of keloids is to ascertain whether you are prone to such scarring. If this situation applies to you it may be wise to avoid any elective skin surgery and piercings. Unfortunately for me and my lovely mocha skin, keloids are most common in people with dark skin tones, although they can occur in people with fair skin too.
Top Tip #2 - Treat Surgery with Caution
By the time I turned 32 I could no longer stand the sight and irritation of my keloid scars so following my doctor's advice I undertook a series of corticosteroid injections. To my dismay these horrendous scars proved too resilient and simply reoccurred once I stopped receiving the injections. I have also spoken with people with similar experiences after undertaking various laser treatments, radiation, freezing (cryotherapy), and other forms of surgical removal.
Top Tip #3 - Find a Natural Solution
However, what I have found to be extremely effective is the daily application of a natural scar removal cream. Up until this point in time the cream has been the only solution that has both reduced the appearance and size of the scarring, as well as curbing the introduction of new keloid scars. Furthermore, the cream thankfully removed the discomforting and incessant itching that is associated with keloids.

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So for those of you who have undertaken various keloid treatment solutions without success I personally recommend BIOSKINCARE. This 100% natural scar cream contains enzymes that dissolves scar tissue while assisting in the body in rebuilding new collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin.

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