3 Tips on Building Explosive Strength

By: Alissa. B

Explosive strength is that burst of power you deliver in a movement that is sudden. Your muscles must contract and release at their maximum ability, as quickly as possible. Jumping, throwing, punching, kicking, etc. - an endless list of actions require explosive power and strength. If you're an athlete or martial artist, needless to say it's absolutely necessary for optimum performance.

Measuring explosive power relies on two key aspects: speed and strength. Training both enables you to improve your rate of explosive power. However, it is all too common that training regimens neglect working on these traits.

If you want to improve your explosive power, here are 3 helpful tips to remember. Each are designed to maximize any training regimens.

1. Up in one, down for four. Any strength building exercise should never be performed slowly and controlled all the way through. Bodybuilders are famous for this. Sure, it builds muscle, but it won't build the kind of muscle you need for explosive strength. Whatever weighlifting exercise you do, whether it be lunges, bench press, tricep extensions, or anything else, lift the weight in one count and lower for 4. This trains speed and strength, since both are required to lift the weight.

2. Improve flexibility. This may sound weird, but improving your flexibility will help increase your range of motion, which is vital in optimizing athletic ability and prowess. And remember, a thorough stretching with the aim of improving flexibility should be done after your work out, when your body is warm and limber.

3. Set higher goals. Once you reach a goal, don't be satisfied with it. Give yourself a pat on the back for reaching it, then set a new goal. Stagnation is your worst enemy, so never stop trying to set a new personal record.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you work out. You'll notice a marked improvement in your explosive strength in no time!

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