3 Tips for Getting the Best Interest Rate for Your New Home


Be fully informed of what your credit report says. In hopes to get the best rate for a new home, one should obtain a complete, up-to-date, error-free copy of her/his credit report. If the credit report shows that any of these criteria are not met or that every bill has yet to be paid in full, do everything to get as much in order as possible. Tighten up the loose ends on your credit report to at least demonstrate a commitment to financial stability and responsibility.

Three other tips for getting the best interest rate for a new home are:

Retaining a professional mortgage loan officer is a good option towards becoming organized in financial affairs.

A loan officer could assist someone with poor credit with a plan for obtaining the best interest rate, which does not necessarily mean a low interest rate. When discussing objectives for the future, certain details of a person's financial behavior may come to light. A loan officer may think these details warrant a higher interest for a shorter period of time, perhaps.

Also, have only face-to-face meetings with a loan officer. Furthermore, if they try to peddle a specific company's loan, end the meeting there. The loan officer should be doing what is in the best interest of her/his client, not what is in the interest of a particular loan business.

Only borrow the amount you need and can afford to repay.

Do not become overzealous or fall for the myth that a loan is somehow "free" money. The money will have to be paid back. For that reason, obtain a copy of your credit report is because lenders will make sure to get one to review your credit history. Act as a proper lender would in assessing the credit report's information honestly and objectively. By having a copy of her/his own credit report, a person will inform her/his decision on what you can manage. Be your own best financial guide.

Do financial business with a credit union.

A credit union is a financial operation that is controlled essentially by its customers, by those who place their financial security in the union. Credit unions are different from banks because people who have accounts in the credit union are the credit union's owners. Just like a loan officer is not supposed to have an allegiance to anyone but the client, the credit union also has nothing invested in whether or not a client goes with a particular loan company or how much she/he may spend on a new home. The fact that credit unions are by definition non-profit, they can operate at a lower cost than many for-profit institutions, which saves the members of the credit union money.

Getting the best interest rate on a loan is not the most difficult thing if a person is completely part of the process. One cannot stand by and use the excuse of "I know nothing about the topic." First time home buyers, first time car owners, etc. all have to be at the helm of their finances. By doing so, a person allows himself the knowledge of more options, more "outs" than the regular layperson who does not familiarize themselves at all with how finances, interest rates and loans work.

As long as a person is patient with herself/ himself throughout the process, the best interest rate will be gained. And it is important not to feel rushed-being thorough and plodding as slowly as necessary during this process will no doubt end in the best results. Great interest rates are not all there is to life, but if pursued properly and patiently, they can definitely enhance it.

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