3 Tips You Can Take Advantage Of When Trying To Find Christmas Music For A Party

By: Osvaldo Fletcher

With the Christmas season fast approaching, it makes sense to try to prepare for it so that you are not caught unaware when it arrives....and doesn't it always seem to arrive faster than you expected? There are many things to consider during preparations for Christmas, but among the most important is the kind of Christmas music you are going to use. This music should set the a celebratory and festive mood. But there are additional factors you may want to consider when selecting music for your holiday:


One common mistake is to choose only classic Christmas songs, and then play them on repeat for the whole season. This may seem like a good idea at first, as everyone loves the classics. However, hearing the same song pop up again at the same party an hour or two later will be disappointing and risks putting a damper on the mood of those who notice. So it's wise to extend your selection to a larger pool of songs...whether they are unique cover tunes of classic Christmas tunes, an instrumental version of a favorite holiday melody (especially something that differs from the original arrangement), or even something new composed for the season in recent years. You definitely don't want your music to sound stale and repetitive...especially when this problem is so easily fixed.

Make sure the music suits the taste of the majority of attendees

Use your relationships and casual conversations with your friends and party attendees to get a feel for their musical taste. If most of the partygoers lean toward ballads and pop, you don't want to choose grunge covers of Christmas carols or odd ambient instrumentals. Classic Christmas carols pretty much always work, because they are so well-known. But from there, choose a nice mix of stuff that caters more toward the taste of those in attendance...whether rock and ballads, or edgier stuff with some attitude.

Organize the music beforehand

When planning a party, the goal is for all those involved is to have as much fun as possible, and that includes the party organizer as well. When you are in charge of finding music for the party, make sure that you find it well ahead of time, so that you can organize it and have everything ready by the time the party starts. This will help you avoid last-minute panics, or settling for a much poorer selection of music that you could have provided otherwise.

Most people today will take advantage of the flexibility offered by playlists in iTunes or your favorite music player app. You can mix up the tunes according to pace (and even key)...so there are blocks of slower tunes followed by stuff that makes people feel like getting up and moving around.

And finally...think very hard about how loud the music should be. It's fashionable to turn it up high, but that can be a real conversation-killer...and, after all, most people want to talk...sometimes in-depth. You don't want to have the music acting as an irritant that drives people to other rooms to be able to carry on basic conversations in a comfortable atmosphere!

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