3 Tips For Building Inner Power

By: Joel Chu

Inner power or inner strength is perhaps one of the most elusive powers known to man. You might ask, can we really build inner strength or is this something hardwired to our genes? While I believe that genes do play a part, much of the inner strength within us is determined by ourselves.
If you were to do a intuitive self assessment of yourself today versus yourself one year ago, majority of you would agree that yes, some inner power was developed.
So what actually defines and grows our inner power. The formula is simple.
Your Thinking + Actions determine your inner power. Below are 3 tips to help build inner power.
Tip #1 - You can do it if you believe that you can
The meaning of success takes on differing meanings for different people.  However the majority of us would agree that Success mean Wealth and, Happiness and Health. Even with a clear definition of what success is the road towards achieving success, for many of us seems long and winding. The fruits of success prove elusive and unattainable. However life need not be this way. Success in life only calls for the application of the Law of Success. Elaborated as a formula by Napoleon Hill, the Law of Success simply states that "You can do it if you believe that you can".  A simple formula but many have found their successes through its application and so can you
Tip #2 - Get Out of The Comfort Zone
We are our own worst enemy because we create our own limitations. It is human nature to wish to want to stay in our comfort zone.  Most of us fear change but with the power of thoughts, we can overcome our fears and change our lives for the better. Our thoughts are what shape our world. By changing our thoughts, we will be able to change our physical world as well. This is the because of the law of cause and effect. For any cause, there will always be a corresponding effect.
Tip #3 - The Power of Thoughts
To use the Law of Attraction to achieve what we want, we must first of all focus our thoughts on the goal that we desire. In addition, we must also have absolute faith that we can attain our goal. Lastly we need to visualize ourselves as already having attaining our goal. Only when we have gone through these stages would the Law of Attraction begin to attract the materials we need from the universe to manifest our desire. Nevertheless we must be careful not to put our attention on any thoughts which are negative in nature. This is because the Law of Attraction is just as effective in manifesting negative thoughts into reality. 
By incorporating the above mindsets of "You can do it if you believe that you can" and always willing to get out of the comfort zone, you're able to do and experience more challenges in life. These actions, where you experience what it takes and feels like to overcome challenges, helps grows your inner power.
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