3 Things You Need To Know Before You Get A Mortgage Loan

By: Dianne Logan

With an extremely large crowd of lenders ready to provide you with a mortgage loan for your house, getting a mortgage nowadays proves to be hardly a problem for anyone. But getting a low interest rate, affordable mortgage with flexible repayment terms is still a major problem. Considering the fact that you can end up paying thousands of dollars extra if you land with a bad mortgage deal, here is a list of a few things that you need to know in order to negotiate the best mortgage loan deal:

1. There Are Two Main Types Of Mortgage Loans: Mortgage loans are broadly divided into two main types: fixed-rate mortgages (FRM) and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). While you will find that the conditions for applying for an ARM loan are easier and they come with lower initial rates, a fixed rate mortgage is generally advised for people who are planning long term periods. This is because a fixed rate mortgage loan, which may cost more than an ARM initially, requires the payment of the same rate of interest starting from today onwards till a period of twenty to thirty years. On the other hand, an adjustable rate mortgage’s payments will vary every month based on a number of indices. However, an ARM will provide you with a lower rate of interest initially which might go up later on.

2. Your Credit History Matters: Your credit score is a major determinant nowadays of the kinds of interest, terms and conditions that you will get on your mortgage loan. If you have already taken out a number of loans which you have paid or are paying back on time, you have a higher chance of getting a low rate mortgage than someone who has never taken credit for a car or a house. Secondly, having a high credit score and a clean credit history can often slash back a number of points off your mortgage loan’s interest. Therefore, it is advised that you clean up your credit report as much as possible and get your highest possible score before you apply for a mortgage loan.

3. The Best Mortgage Loans Are Available Online: Not only are most reputable banks and lending institutions now providing loans over the internet, there are a number of new but reliable companies that are also dispensing mortgages online. Online loan companies get the advantage of garnering an extremely large market for a very small cost when compared to brick and mortar lenders. But the competition on the web is also higher than that in real space. As a result, most online lenders will not only provide you with lower interest rates, they will also charge you lower processing and other fees. So make sure that you do your research well and get quotes from online mortgage providers before you sign on the dotted line. While you compare interest rates and term periods, do not forget to compare all the fees that different lenders charge you for the same loan.

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