3 Things You Can Do Everyday To Become A Superstar In Network Marketing

By: Chuk Turner

Welcome everybody. Today's post is about a subject that eludes most people in business let alone those of us in the network marketing industry.

I'm really just talking about being consistent in your business. But, most network marketers confuse being consistent with doing busy work everday.

Through my many years of experience I found there are really on 3 things that separate people who do well from people who don't in our industry. And it's NOT talent. Or even hard work.

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Ok - so here goes. Here are the 3 Things

Thing #1: Amazing Networkers Write Down A List Of Things To Do

Alright....so you probably didn't fall out of your seat for that one but it baffles me how many people get this wrong.

Making long To Do Lists will get your nowhere. And just trying to remember will get you nowhere as well.

This is how I do it. Before I go to bed I make a list of 5 things I have to do the next day. I write them down in order of importance, and the next morning I go at it.

My to do list might look something like this:

1. Submit new content to Current Market Culture blog
2. Meet with at least 10 prospects
3. Send out a new press release
4. Attend Internet Traffic Seminar
5. Read through new issue of Inc magazine.

If you do this every night before you go to bed, you subconsciously set yourself up for success because you already know what to do when you wake up regardless of any distractions.

Thing #2: Amazing Networkers Stay Focused On 1 Thing at A Time.

I don't want to sound negative - but I really don't like the idea of multi-tasking

You really have to get this one if you're going to be successful in this industry

Doing to many things at one will result in a poor job overall - but you don't need me to tell you that. You might get the job done - but poorly.

Ever talked on the phone with a friend who was doing too much at once. The conversation probably wasn't all the great was it?

I won't go on about this one, but the point here is to focus, focus, focus....

Thing #3: Amazing Networker Keep Their Promises

This is a tough one for most all people. And most people overlook how much this one can damage your credibility.

Keeping your word means keeping your promises to the people around you; and keeping your promises to yourself.

If you tell someone you will call them back in 3 days.....then call them back in 3 days!!! Each day is another day to building a long lasting relationship with those around.

Building relationships are all about building trust. And trust is building through little things like returning a phone message.

So that's it!

Do these three things every single day and watch yourself grow into a networking superstar! But this won't happen in a day - you gotta keep at it.

You have to understand that there is no magic button to push, no creative marketing system to generate you leads, or secret script that will make your a superstar.

It all comes with being consistent - day in; day out.

My challenge to you is to do these 3 Things everyday for the next month. And remember, championships are not won on game day - they're won during practice....after practice...after practice...

To your sucess,


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