3 Simple Steps to Successful and Permanent Weight Loss

By: Mike Edminster

America and much of the free world is experiencing epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, immobility, cancer, heart disease, strokes and many other diseases related to being overweight that are far too numerous to mention. It is overwhelmingly obvious that we need to do something, but what?

About a year and a half ago, I myself came to the realization that if I did not get my weight under control and get a handle on it, that I too was looking at future of health problems that would make my life not only difficult and much less enjoyable, but that might make me a burden to my family.

I resolved that I had to educate myself and implement a fit and healthy lifestyle. I knew that it had to be a lifestyle change and not some fad diet where you eat your meals out of a box, or deprive yourself of certain food groups for a period of time, many of which at best are temporary, and at worse may damage your health even more long term. I knew it had to be a lifestyle with real food and I knew that my healthy food choices had to be something that did not leave me feeling like I was lacking something.

I had tried many of these rip-off diet schemes before, with some initial success, but when I returned to my normal way of life, the weight all came back, plus a little more. So what was the key?

I knew the answer; as I had been told by my Dad and other wise people in my life that the only true way to lasting weight loss was in changing your lifestyle. But, that all seemed so painful, or so I thought. I thought I'd have to start eating like a rabbit and give up all of the foods I love (after educating myself I found that was not the case at all)

The key was in finding a lifestyle that I could live with and that was ustainable long term, that lead to weight loss, but that at the same time, improved my overall health. After doing some research, I found that many of the things that I thought were healthy for me, were most likely the culprits of my overweight condition. Many of the foods marketed to us as weight loss, fat loss or healthy foods are in actuality making things worse as is evidenced by the health statistics. In any case, I decided to implement my new knowledge with astounding results.

Fast forward 90 days. I had lost over 50 pounds of fat and added some lean muscle and knocked 8 plus inches off of my waist. Fast forward another year and a half and I have not gained any of it back. The reason is because it is sustainable as a way of eating that I can live with day in and day out for the rest of my life. Yes, there are foods that I limit, but I still allow myself to indulge in them on certain days of the week or at certain meals if I crave them. (You should never give up any food that you love indefinitely) I never really felt hungry or deprived and although I also implemented a sound exercise strategy, I did so to accelerate the results and increase muscle tone.

These Are the Only Steps that are Required :

Step 1: Make a commitment losing excess body fat and to educating yourself about a fit and healthy lifestyle that you can live with.

Step 2: Educate yourself about healthy food choices that work. (or if you are not sure about what will work find out what someone else did to permanently lose their fat - their is a lot of conflicting information out there on nutrition)

Step 3: Implement or take action on your new knowledge and commit to further knowledge gathering - make it a lifetime journey, not just a temporary change.

I know that for some, this may seem over simplistic, but it is really all you need to do.

The majority of what we eat in the U.S. today are artificially manufactured refined foods, genetically modified grains sprayed with pesticides, meat and milk (and derivatives) from animals that are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics (70 percent of the antibiotics in this country are given to the animals we eat) to prevent them from becoming sick from the artificial diets that their bodies are not evolved for. As a result, we are eating artificial foods that our bodies are not evolved for, and we are paying a heavy price.

What is extremely interesting and eye opening is that if you compare a graph the increasing consumption of refined and manmade foods in the U.S. with a graph of increasing rates of diabetes, cancer and heart disease in the U.S., they look almost like the same graph.

I love to quote a great fitness icon who lived a full and productive life to the ripe old age of 96. It was the late great Jack LaLanne who said "If man made it, then don't eat it". If you will make this your mantra, your health will improve by leaps and bounds and the excees weight will start to fall off.

OK you say, so where can we find good dependable information that is the truth about nutrition? ( I define the truth as that which actually works or produces lasting results, because there is so much erroneous information about nutrition out there). MyFitAndHealthyLife.com is a website dedicated to making available to you, what worked for me, and what I believe will work for you.

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