3 Reasons Why You Are Hopeless With Women

By: Joel Chu

If you ever want to get your dream girl or that hot girl across the bar, you first have to be honest be with yourself. Contrary to what many believe, the game of attraction and seduction is simpler than you can imagine. When you take an honest look at your situation, and make changes, you can easily be more attractive to the opposite sex in no time.
Here's 3 Reasons Why You Are Hopeless With Women.
Reason #1 - Just Plain Boring
This shouldn't come as a surprise. Most men are just boring. Beer, cards, computer games, sleep, work and that's what they do 24/7 including the weekends. You first have to have a life, have fun, before you are even qualified to have a girl.
Reason #2 - Too Needy
Most guys just follow hot women like a puppy dog. Doing everything to her bidding without questions. When it comes to attraction, you have to be control of the game, and not her. Learn to master the "give a little, then lean back" tactic; get her to want to please you and not the other way round.
Reason #3 - Low Self Esteem
You have to get out of your comfort zone. A low self esteem not only sabotages your dating games, it hurts your overall well being greatly. Practice, practice and more practice. As you practice more and more, you naturally gain confidence towards to date any woman.
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